Paul Agostino2010-12-05Act NowPoems
Paul Agostino2010-12-05Chain ReactionShort Stories
Paul Agostino2010-12-05Buyer Be WarnedEssay
Paul Agostino2010-12-05Love VansPoems
Paul Agostino2010-12-05Little People (For T.C.)Poems
Paul Agostino2010-12-05Distance and AnglesPoems
Paul Agostino2010-12-05Cinema VeritePoems
Paul Agostino2010-12-05DoorsPoems
Compound Round Table; P.A. Reporting2010-12-05A Gang is FormedHome Games
Paul Agostino2010-12-05Winner And Still Champ (The Accidental Pilgrim, Part 1)Away Games
Paul Agostino2010-12-0550 BusinessesNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2010-12-17Handiwork (The Accidental Pilgrim 2)Away Games
Adam O'Connor2010-12-17Chest and Triceps DayShort Stories
Paul Agostino2010-12-18Rural Multi-Tasking (The Accidental Pilgrim 3)Away Games
Paul Agostino2010-12-19You Shouldn't Have Given Up On Charm School So Soon (Acc. Pilgrim 4)Away Games
Tom Bush2010-12-19The Hair FairyPoems
Rob Plath2010-12-19IrretrievabilityPoems
Paul Agostino2010-12-21So Much For Symbols (Accidental Pilgrim 5)Away Games
David Eaton2010-12-21The 5:35 Train to RonkonkomaPoems
John J. Lewis2010-12-21Pony RidesPoems
Ken Noreika2010-12-24She Says God Doesn’t Do MiraclesPoems
Paul Agostino2010-12-24Old Score, New DealShort Stories
Paul Agostino2010-12-29My Dinner With BradleyNon Fiction
Bob Bradley2010-12-29Town MeetingShort Stories
Bob Bradley2010-12-29Another Day in SeptemberHome Games
Bob Bradley2010-12-29News From HomeAway Games
Bob Bradley2010-12-29The OmniscientPoems
Bob Bradley2010-12-29Wreck of LovePoems
Bob Bradley2010-12-29FallingPoems
Paul Agostino2010-12-29Who is Bob Bradley?Essay
Paul Agostino2011-01-02The Devil and Bob BradleyHome Games
Paul Agostino2011-01-04Time Table Mysteries (Accidental Pilgrim 6)Away Games
Nolan Geiger2011-01-04Weapons of Mass DestructionPoems
Matt Galletta2011-01-04Class PhotoPoems
John Ferraro2011-01-04A Conflict of InterestPoems
Paul Agostino2011-01-04Classroom Strategies for Lazy StudentsNon Fiction
Tina Vincenti2011-01-04The StoreShort Stories
A. Student2011-01-12The Root of All Evil, RevisitedComedy
A. Student2011-01-12You Can Tell A Lot About A Culture By Its RitualsComedy
A. Student2011-01-12Single EntendreComedy
Fred Byrnes2011-01-12Spinach Bagel With Plain Cream CheesePoems
Drew Biscardi2011-01-12The Go-Cart RacePoems
Paul Agostino2011-01-12Starts and Stops (Accidental Pilgrim 7)Away Games
Paul Agostino2011-01-12Crashing Into the FactsHome Games
A. Student2011-01-19It's Always Best to Look BusyComedy
Paul Agostino2011-01-19Survey of Mathematical ReasoningHome Games
Michael Patrick Nelson2011-01-19Bottle-Up and ExplodeNon Fiction
Fred Wolf2011-01-19Plus TaxPoems
John Paul Carillo2011-01-19The Dildo FactoryPoems
Rob Plath2011-01-19Master of All MastersPoems
Eugene Cucinello2011-01-19Learning to Speak the LanguageAway Games
Michael Cummings2011-01-194:55Short Stories
Found Poem2011-01-27Artillery Trumps HeartsAway Games
Tom Sullivan2011-01-27Song to DeathPoems
Erica Determann2011-01-27The Eye of DawnPoems
Bob Bradley2011-01-27Prophetic EjaculationsEssay
Paul Agostino2011-01-27Not the PawsShort Stories
Paul Agostino2011-01-27Looking for Forever in All the Wrong PlacesHome Games
A. Student2011-01-27Eat and Be MerryComedy
Mike Aquilina2011-01-27I shoveled the drivewayPoems
Bob Bradley2011-01-31MonsterNon Fiction
A. Student2011-02-02Love Among the LizardsComedy
Paul Agostino2011-02-02Pony (Accidental Pilgrim 8)Away Games
Paul Agostino2011-02-02Winner on PointsHome Games
John Paul Carillo2011-02-02Balloons and HyenasShort Stories
Bec Everett2011-02-02VegetarianPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2011-02-02The Wind, the Tree, and the DogPoems
Dorothy Rojas2011-02-02Spinning PirouettesPoems
Peter Martin Collier and Paul Elliot Agostino2011-02-05StaggeringEssay
A. Student2011-02-11Budding RomanceComedy
Paul Agostino2011-02-11Even the Magazine Racks in Ireland are Comedians (Accidental Pilgrim 9)Away Games
Paul Agostino2011-02-11Neutered WarningHome Games
Paul Agostino2011-02-11Get Drunk and Break SomethingNon Fiction
Walter Plotz2011-02-11Angry BearShort Stories
Danielle Vogel2011-02-11DefinitionPoems
Caroline Kohler2011-02-11The Beat of EcstasyPoems
Jessica J. Suarez2011-02-11Just Around the CornerPoems
Robert Plath2011-02-11A Boy Should Love a Girl Because of EternityPoems
Michael Kennedy2011-02-11It Was Raining in OctoberPoems
Tommy Hahn2011-02-11Weekend at the BarnPoems
Paul Agostino2011-02-12To Have and to HoldEssay
A. Student2011-02-18Where All Roads LeadComedy
Paul Agostino2011-02-18The Last Resort (Accidental Pilgrim 10)Away Games
Eliatt Di Lieto2011-02-18The Third FloorPoems
John Lewis2011-02-183622598Poems
Kylene Arthur2011-02-18The Electric Adventures of Porpoise GirlPoems
Jason Biscardi2011-02-18Whatever You Want, I'll EatShort Stories
Ken Noreika2011-02-18What Arrives On the WindNon Fiction
Wire Services2011-02-18The Importance of DistinctionsHome Games
A. Student2011-02-25Pom-Poms, Pads, and PlattersComedy
Paul Agostino2011-02-25New Eyes, New Worlds (Accidental Pilgrim 11)Away Games
Drew Biscardi2011-02-25The Funny Thing About RegretPoems
Tiffany Spatafora2011-02-25The View From the Long Island Sound Was BeautifulPoems
Dominique Ciminelli2011-02-25Lot 8CPoems
Nicole McClafferty2011-02-25What Happens in VegasPoems
Peter Gagnon2011-02-25Man & Woman vs. WildNon Fiction
Tina Vincenti2011-02-25The OmenShort Stories
Paul Agostino2011-02-26Getting What You Don't Pay ForEssay
Paul Agostino2011-02-26BreatherHome Games
A. Student2011-03-11Copernicus and the SunComedy
Paul Agostino2011-03-11My Stint as a Traveling Punchline (Accidental Pilgrim 12)Away Games
Dominick Quartuccio2011-03-11Disposable ApocalypsePoems
Patrick Wood2011-03-11The Day the World Stopped SpinningPoems
Kylene Arthur2011-03-11500 DegreesPoems
Dave Wood2011-03-11Wooden LegPoems
Paul Agostino2011-03-11Carried ClaustrophobiaEssay
Paul Agostino2011-03-11No Training NecessaryHome Games
M.F. Ortiz2011-03-11Offensive DrivingNon Fiction
Fred Wolf2011-03-11The Ceiling ManShort Stories
A. Student2011-03-17In-Class Essay Assignment: What Would Make Your Perfect Day?Comedy
Paul Agostino2011-03-17In Support of Safety and LibertyEssay
Pete Mayer2011-03-17Slow RecoveryPoems
Kylene Arthur2011-03-17fuck, fuck, fuck (the morning after)Poems
Rob Plath2011-03-17The Most Beautiful Drunken Black-Out in the WorldPoems
Michael Laterza2011-03-17Seis De MayoPoems
Nacole Garafola2011-03-17Happy HourShort Stories
Paul Agostino2011-03-17Marching Parades and Seated PatronsHome Games
Michael Agostino2011-03-18No Plastic Couch Covers in the KitchenNon Fiction
A. Student2011-03-24Writing for the MassesComedy
Paul Agostino2011-03-24There's Money to be Made in ReproductionEssay
Lawrence J. Epstein2011-03-24WritersShort Stories
Paul Agostino2011-03-24The Accidental PilgrimAway Games
Compound Round Table2011-03-24The Dinner PartyHome Games
Paul Agostino2011-03-24WitnessNon Fiction
Topaz Walter2011-03-24Advanced Social StudiesPoems
Erica Determann2011-03-24The Truly Lost GenerationPoems
Matt Galletta2011-03-24Participation is 20% of Your GradePoems
A. Student2011-03-31Creation Vs. EvolutionComedy
Michael Agostino2011-03-31StalledNon Fiction
Joe Agostino2011-03-31AltitudeAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-03-31Stand Still For PosingHome Games
Drew Biscardi2011-03-31Why Are These Stupid Boy Scouts in Our Woods?Poems
Eliatt Di Lieto2011-03-31We Drove West With the HerdPoems
Michael Mandaradoni2011-03-31JudgmentPoems
Paul Agostino2011-03-31Beyond CrustaceansEssay
Bob Bradley2011-03-31SignsShort Stories
A. Student2011-04-29Neighborhood GirlComedy
Paul Agostino2011-04-29Luck and CultivationNon Fiction
Kristyna Serdock2011-04-29The ChorusPoems
Vince Clemente2011-04-29From: A Bayman's LogPoems
Dorothy Rojas2011-04-29Changing PacePoems
Malcolm K. Brown2011-04-29World War TreePoems
Paul Agostino2011-04-29Front Porch RecitalHome Games
Paul Agostino2011-04-29Alive EntertainmentEssay
Paul Agostino2011-04-29Renewed SensationsAway Games
Dan Lenihan2011-04-29Time to TangoShort Stories
A. Student2011-05-05MotherComedy
Paul Agostino2011-05-05The Scathed and the UnscathedHome Games
John Deodato2011-05-05Family, Flowers, Guns, and GuestsNon Fiction
Eliatt Di Lieto2011-05-05Cold War ConversationShort Stories
Lisa Palma2011-05-05RebirthPoems
Ken Noreika2011-05-05I Have Peasant's HandsPoems
Topaz Walter2011-05-05Sunday ServicePoems
Laura Martorano2011-05-05Ballet 101Poems
A. Student2011-05-28To Have and to HoldComedy
Paul Agostino2011-05-28Different Identities, Different WorldsAway Games
Matt Galletta2011-05-28Mr. CoffeeShort Stories
Paul Agostino2011-05-28Deadly Sins and Other AggravationsNon Fiction
John Lewis2011-05-28We All ScreamPoems
Wire Services2011-05-29ConvictionHome Games
A. Student2011-06-07Avoiding PressuresComedy
Dan Brown2011-06-07For MilesShort Stories
Ken Noreika2011-06-07Breakfast With PopPoems
Topaz Walter2011-06-07He Told Her He Went Out for Lunch, and Asked If She Liked Portuguese FoodPoems
Paul Agostino2011-06-07The Root of All ProfitEssay
Paul Agostino2011-06-07The Art of CraftHome Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-16The Scramble NorthAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-17Wait Around Long Enough and You're Bound to Be Surprised By SomethingAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-18TaxingAway Games
Katherine Heiny2011-06-19Times My Father Almost DiedPoems
Paul Agostino2011-06-19ComradesHome Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-19The Gift That Just Keeps TakingEssay
Paul Agostino2011-06-21A Little Too EagerAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-22Where is a Carnival Barker When You Need One?Away Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-23Taster's ChoiceAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-24Twinkies by Computer LightEssay
Paul Agostino2011-06-24Breathing RoomAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-26Working With What You Don't HaveAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-27Following the FlowAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-28Sightseeing From a PorchAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-29ForgivableAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-06-30CapturedEssay
Paul Agostino2011-07-01A-Z, and Then SomeAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-02"Separate but Equal" All Over AgainEssay
Paul Agostino2011-07-03Sign, SignAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-04Conscience Clearing SalesEssay
Paul Agostino2011-07-06The Guest, Part 1: The ArrivalAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-06The Guest, Part 2: The Art of RelaxationAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-08The Guest, Part 3: A Musical DiscussionAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-08The Guest, Part 4: The CelebrationAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-11The Guest, Part 5: BreakfastAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-12The Guest, Part 6: Talk With the AnimalsAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-13The Guest, Part 7: DinnerAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-15The Guest, Part 8: Nothing PersonalAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-16The Guest, Part 9: Curtain CallAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-17Barroom Chronicles: Ol'-Fashion QualityAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-18Barroom Chronicles: Athletic AppreciationAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-19Celebrity Journalism: A Contradiction in TermsEssay
Paul Agostino2011-07-20Barroom Chronicles: Visceral MovementsAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-21Barroom Chronicles: Champions of Different SortsAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-22Offensive GameEssay
Mike Meehan, Big Jim Meehan, Paul Agostino2011-07-24Well-Practiced in the World's Most Ancient ArtAway Games
Mike Meehan, Paul Agostino2011-07-25Holding Onto the EssentialsAway Games
Paul Agostino, Mike Meehan2011-07-28Mothers of Invention, Dads of DisciplineAway Games
Paul Agostino, Mike Meehan2011-07-29Play It Where It LiesAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-07-30Foghorn Through the MistAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-02Faith RestoredAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-03Songs of SilenceAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-04Posing for PosterityAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-04Pecking OrderAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-06Big Problem, Simple SolutionAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-09Eye for Eye, Sting for StingAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-10Adventures in Retail: Fish EncounterAway Games
Ken Noreika2011-08-11Easy and AffordableEssay
Paul Agostino2011-08-12One-Game Winning StreakAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-12Adventures in Retail: Free DeliveryAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-13Free SwimAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-15Don Quixote Defends Sgt. PepperEssay
Paul Agostino2011-08-18Improvising Around the RulesAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-19Outdoor DiningAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-20Young At FartAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-22On the Balcony of the Alpine InnAway Games
Paul Agostino2011-08-23Homespun RemedyAway Games
A. Student2011-09-03Work Hard and Look For a Lucky HorseshoeComedy
Paul Agostino2011-09-03How To Cure YourselfAway Games
Natalie Jones2011-09-03Don't Forget AnythingPoems
Walter Plotz2011-09-03Oil Stains on Greasy StreetNon Fiction
John Paul Carillo2011-09-03Hauling NothingShort Stories
Ken Noreika2011-09-03Brush FiresHome Games
A. Student2011-09-08In-Class Essay: Describe How You Have Changed Since You Started School This YearComedy
Paul Agostino2011-09-08Variations on SuccessHome Games
David Eaton2011-09-08Poetry AppreciationPoems
William J. Harris2011-09-08Your House (for my students)Poems
Jessica J. Suarez2011-09-08A Long Day Becomes a Long WeekPoems
Grant Parpan2011-09-08Desktop Poets (Community College Edition)Poems
Sam Ligon and Paul Agostino2011-09-08Another Great Use For The InternetPoems
Joy Famiglietti2011-09-08TeachingPoems
Paul Agostino2011-09-08EpidemicEssay
Chrisoula Baumann2011-09-08The Principal's OfficeNon Fiction
Meg Sellers2011-09-15Dying in the RainComedy
Ken Noreika2011-09-15Before the StormPoems
Rob Plath2011-09-15The Ice PianoPoems
Topaz Walter2011-09-15That's MePoems
R.C. Cordes2011-09-15Battening Down and Binding TiesEssay
Rita Howard-Pizzano2011-09-15Rambling to WyomingNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2011-09-15Dress CodesAway Games
A. Student2011-09-23In-Class Essay: Three People I Would Like to Take to DinnerComedy
Ed Confortin2011-09-23McHeartAttackPoems
John Lewis2011-09-23Thank God It's Not Apple TuesdaysPoems
Pat Wood2011-09-23Are You What You Eat?Poems
Paul Agostino2011-09-23Backwoods VirtuosoAway Games
Tina Vincenti2011-09-23The Great American CondimentNon Fiction
Jean-Michael Salamanca2011-09-23Fit For A KingShort Stories
Sarah Cooke2011-10-07Bathroom ImmortalityComedy
Tom Sullivan2011-10-07To Carry a Cross of NaivetéPoems
Pat Wood2011-10-07What You LeftPoems
Walter Plotz2011-10-07The FortNon Fiction
Tina Vincenti2011-10-07PiggyShort Stories
A. Student2011-10-14Plotting Theft, Shifting BlameComedy
Tom Bush2011-10-14Vacation in JuneauPoems
Paul Agostino2011-10-14AscentHome Games
Eliatt Di Lieto2011-10-14Bargain HuntingShort Stories
John Deodato2011-10-14Owners and OccupantsNon Fiction
A. Student2011-10-21Never Too OldComedy
Walter Plotz2011-10-21CurfewShort Stories
M.F. Ortiz2011-10-21Playing the NumbersEssay
Carly Gerbi2011-10-21CurrencyNon Fiction
Deana Mingoia-Love2011-10-21And They Always Drive in the Left LanePoems
Marvin Lewis2011-10-21Are You Saving the Best for Last?Poems
Fred Byrnes2011-10-21Milk and Something For DinnerPoems
Mike Quackenbush2011-10-21When I'm an Old Man I Want to Pick on the Delivery GuyPoems
Paul Agostino2011-10-21The Downward Spiral Just Picked Up VelocityHome Games
Adam O'Connor2011-10-28Distant RelativesPoems
Tom Sullivan2011-10-28Human ResourcesPoems
Drew Biscardi2011-10-28My 38th BirthdayPoems
Paul Agostino2011-10-28VisitationAway Games
Tina Vincenti2011-10-28The Park PrimevalNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2011-11-08JobPoems
Paul Agostino2011-11-08Contenders and Non-ContendersPoems
Paul Agostino2011-11-11Survival DutyHome Games
Topaz Walter2011-11-11Norman Bowker and the Memory PrisonEssay
Michael Hutchinson2011-11-11Behind the GunPoems
Michael Hutchinson2011-11-11Handling the Truth of a Democratic SocietyPoems
Michael Hutchinson2011-11-11A Midnight RunPoems
Jamal Masri2011-11-11The Sounds of NablusNon Fiction
Audrey DeLong2011-11-11Mission ObjectivesNon Fiction
Erica Determann2011-11-18Snow AngelsShort Stories
Ken Noreika2011-11-18Grace From The FallPoems
Bob Bradley2011-11-18"When Can You Come Over to Play Basketball?"Poems
Josh Fuchs2011-11-18The LullabyPoems
Paul Agostino2011-11-18The Compressed TruimphHome Games
Tom Sullivan2011-11-18Where's Cronkite?Essay
A. Student2011-12-02Organ MusicComedy
Adam O'Connor2011-12-02Small BallShort Stories
Paul Agostino2011-12-02The InvitedHome Games
Peter Gagnon2011-12-02Ruthless RavishmentPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2011-12-02Adversary RhymesPoems
Bob Bradley2011-12-02CorrespondencesPoems
Drew Biscardi2011-12-08AlmostPoems
M.F. Ortiz2011-12-08Not Just MariaPoems
Paul Agostino2011-12-08Scaling Plymouth RockEssay
John Paul Carillo2011-12-08Lewis and MeShort Stories
Paul Agostino2011-12-10Holiday FuelHome Games
A. Student2011-12-15Grammar TricksComedy
Tom Sullivan and Paul Agostino2011-12-15Credit Rag (Theme to the Movie, The Friday After Thanksgiving)Poems
Paul Agostino (with Pete Bambola)2011-12-15Welcome DutyPoems
Bradford Augustus2011-12-15TeamworkEssay
Eliatt DiLieto and Paul Agostino2011-12-15The Literal ApproachShort Stories
John Paul Carillo and Paul Agostino2011-12-15The Shellfish RiotsNon Fiction
Drew Biscardi2011-12-22Me and My Father on Christmas EvePoems
Drew Biscardi2011-12-22Christmas in Paul's KitchenPoems
Paul Agostino2011-12-22Black-and-Blue FridayEssay
Paul Agostino and Dan Falcone2011-12-22Holiday LaunchHome Games
Paul Agostino2011-12-26Advertising CostsHome Games
Paul Agostino2011-12-31Reversible WearShort Stories
Ken Noreika2012-01-05projectsPoems
Rob Plath2012-01-0515 MinutesPoems
Topaz Walter2012-01-05Why Does the Picture on Your License Look Like a Mug Shot?Poems
John Deodato (with Paul Agostino)2012-01-05Signs and LanguageNon Fiction
Walter Plotz2012-01-05High Hopes, Low BridgesShort Stories
Tom Sullivan2012-01-19Hell Beneath the SheetsPoems
Eliatt Di Lieto2012-01-19Red Light KarmaPoems
Angi Bailenson2012-01-19Grave FiddlesticksPoems
Paul Agostino2012-01-19Chew Over, Allow to DigestEssay
Bob Bradley2012-01-19Contemplations of the SaintsShort Stories
Nicole McClafferty2012-01-19Zoloft, Paxil CR, and a Little Bit of ValiumPoems
Morgan MacGregor2012-01-27I Once Planted A GardenPoems
Rob Plath2012-01-27PoorPoems
Jennifer Stipes2012-01-27PaydayPoems
Paul Agostino2012-01-27The Money SnakePoems
Ron Lough, Mick and Paulo Greensleeper2012-01-27Loans and Memory LossEssay
Dan Falcone, John Deodato, and Paul Agostino2012-01-27PremiumsHome Games
Bryan Gallo2012-01-27Random Acts of KindnessPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2012-02-03In This Corner OfficePoems
Stephanie Olsen2012-02-03It Starts With the Two-Lane CourtesyPoems
Jay Fuentes2012-02-03Crunch TimeNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2012-02-03JunkShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-02-04The Hunger For GreatnessEssay
Eliatt Di Lieto2012-02-10U-SprawlPoems
Bob Bradley2012-02-10Dear Friend,Poems
Christopher Frank2012-02-10No One's Best FriendPoems
Tom Sullivan2012-02-10StrangerPoems
Tom Sullivan2012-02-10All in a Motel Room for OnePoems
Paul Agostino2012-02-10Do You Know Who You Look Like?Essay
Nacole Garafola2012-02-10PropertyShort Stories
A. Student2012-02-10The Value of FriendsComedy
A. Student2012-02-16Beautiful Forest, Ugly TreesComedy
Paul Agostino2012-02-16FlamePoems
Rob Plath2012-02-16Playing GodPoems
Fred Byrnes2012-02-16Byrnes, The BenevolentPoems
Daniel Sullivan and Paul Agostino2012-02-16Rainbows and WitnessesPoems
Michael Agostino2012-02-16The Other Side of DogmaPoems
Tommy Hahn2012-02-16The Opiate of the MassesPoems
Paul Agostino2012-02-16The Oldest FirstNon Fiction
Bob Bradley2012-02-16The Tree of LifeEssay
Tina Vincenti2012-02-16Silver RailingsShort Stories
Tom Sullivan2012-02-24FrenziedPoems
David Eaton2012-02-24Young Vampires in LovePoems
Chuang Tzu (4th Century B.C.)2012-02-24The Useless TreePoems
Paul Agostino2012-02-24My Argument With the TieEssay
Paul Agostino2012-02-24Points on StyleNon Fiction
Adam O'Connor2012-02-24Image PolishShort Stories
Drew Biscardi2012-02-24Respect My HammerPoems
Ken Noreika2012-02-24Riding In StylePoems
Paul Agostino2012-02-26A Thousand Summers and BeyondHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-02-29The Art of Self-CelebrationHome Games
Bob Bradley2012-03-01The End of Finger-PointingPoems
Paul Agostino2012-03-01No-Fault InsurancePoems
Tom Sullivan2012-03-01The Order of ThingsPoems
Michael Kennedy2012-03-01Hypocrisy on the High SeasPoems
Paul Agostino2012-03-01Blame DivisionEssay
John Lewis2012-03-01BreakfastShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-03-03Peace PatchHome Games
Ripley Yap2012-03-08The Scattered End of the SpectrumPoems
Lisa Zimmerman2012-03-08Over DinnerPoems
Dan Nielsen2012-03-08Saturday Morning UltimatumPoems
Adam Smith2012-03-08Price IndexPoems
Michael Kennedy2012-03-08It Was Raining in OctoberPoems
Nicole Ross2012-03-0810 BucksPoems
William J. Harris2012-03-08Hot PursuitPoems
Paul Agostino2012-03-08The Giving of GiftsEssay
Topaz Walter2012-03-08Math and RomanceNon Fiction
Sam Ligon2012-03-09GlazedShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-03-11Wrestling With GodSpiritual
Paul Agostino2012-03-14What Would Caesar Do?Spiritual
A. Student2012-03-15A Victim of Fowl PlayComedy
Paul Agostino2012-03-15The Shuffle of AngelsShort Stories
Tom Sullivan2012-03-15Return to FrenzyPoems
Diane Jankowski2012-03-15The Myth of the SquirrelPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2012-03-15The New Age of HuntingPoems
Jennifer Damers2012-03-16Flame in the ForestPoems
Bob Bradley2012-03-16The ScreamPoems
Bradford Augustus2012-03-17My Expanding UniverseEssay
Paul Agostino2012-03-18Going By the BookSpiritual
Gen Beatific2012-03-19All WetEssay
A. Student2012-03-22Silence Abhors a VacuumComedy
Paul Agostino2012-03-22At the TrackNon Fiction
John Paul Carillo2012-03-22Flavor 49Short Stories
Ken Noreika2012-03-22Emperors and AngelsAway Games
Ken Noreika2012-03-22Wishing on the StarsAway Games
Ken Noreika2012-03-22Red or BlackAway Games
Jake Kintzel2012-03-25"This Fellow Moses"Spiritual
Paul Agostino2012-03-25The Art of Thank YouHome Games
Tom Caulfield and Paul Agostino2012-03-27Intro to BracketologyHome Games
Tom Caulfield and Paul Agostino2012-03-28Future CommodityHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-03-29Good for the Geek, Good for the GanderEssay
Paul Agostino2012-04-05Something HappenedSpiritual
Tom Sullivan2012-04-05CleansingPoems
Bob Bradley2012-04-05Kill the Dead.Poems
Tom Sullivan2012-04-05GuestPoems
Paul Agostino2012-04-05GestationPoems
Tom Sullivan2012-04-05Fencing NaturePoems
Paul Agostino2012-04-06DetourAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-04-07Good Friday Full MoonAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-04-12Dealing In The IdyllicAway Games
John Paul Carillo2012-04-12Hungry-Man SpecialShort Stories
Dominick Quartuccio2012-04-12Remodeling YouPoems
Eliatt Di Lieto2012-04-12The Serengeti CafeteriaPoems
Tom Sullivan2012-04-12The Trappings of FreedomPoems
Bob Bradley2012-04-12Party FavorsPoems
Paul Agostino2012-04-15Saint FredSpiritual
A. Student2012-04-19A Poetic HistoryComedy
Charles Capone2012-04-19TrumpetingSpiritual
Michael Agostino2012-04-19The Barter SystemEssay
Dan Vasile2012-04-19Backing Into HeavenPoems
Paul Agostino2012-04-19Porch SlothPoems
Bob Bradley2012-04-19Collection of DaysNon Fiction
Tina Vincenti2012-04-19WallpaperShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-04-20Royal FarmsAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-04-22ConceptionHome Games
A. Student2012-04-26Hands-On Family CareComedy
Paul Agostino2012-04-26Brimstone and BigotrySpiritual
John Paul Carillo2012-04-26Primal GradesShort Stories
Tom Sullivan2012-04-26Mrs. Presley and CompanyNon Fiction
Dominick Quartuccio2012-04-26StarePoems
Paul Agostino2012-04-26After the ParadesPoems
Anna Rio2012-04-26Summer SchoolPoems
John Lewis2012-04-26The HeatPoems
Bob Bradley2012-04-26Toast and HoneyPoems
Paul Agostino2012-04-29Empty Axiom Road AtlasEssay
A. Student2012-05-03Projectile BlessingComedy
Paul Agostino2012-05-03Economic TheologySpiritual
Tom Sullivan2012-05-03Battle FatiguePoems
Dominick Quartuccio2012-05-03The Righteous Keep Their Religion in Aerosol CansPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2012-05-03The World's Greatest WriterPoems
Dan Vasile2012-05-03Religious ObservanceNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2012-05-06Still Life in GrayAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-05-06Making it to Seis de MayoHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-05-08Respect in RetrospectHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-05-09Baltimore Horror Costume BallAway Games
A. Student2012-05-10Going the Extra MileComedy
John Paul Carillo2012-05-10There's No Place Like You Can't Go Home AgainShort Stories
Ken Noreika2012-05-10Oil and LeatherPoems
Paul Agostino2012-05-10It Can Happen This QuickPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2012-05-10Don't WaitPoems
Bob Bradley2012-05-10Sunday MorningPoems
Rita Howard-Pizzano2012-05-10PiecesNon Fiction
A. Student2012-05-19When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take ItComedy
Paul Agostino2012-05-19Imposters and ProfessionalsHome Games
Dan Vasile2012-05-19EstrangementPoems
Tom Sullivan2012-05-19Jell-O and MoldPoems
John Lewis2012-05-19The Good StuffPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2012-05-19Birthday BeerPoems
Ken Noreika2012-05-19My Pop and the Great Mickey MantlePoems
Joe Agostino2012-05-19Dumb Harold, Part 1Short Stories
Paul Agostino2012-05-24Bob Dylan: Of the People, For the PeopleEssay
A. Student2012-05-25Between ClassesComedy
Paul Agostino2012-05-25Concession SpeechNon Fiction
Matt Galletta2012-05-25An Honest ManPoems
Ken Noreika2012-05-25Nine-TenthsPoems
John Lewis2012-05-25ImpressionsPoems
Drew Biscardi2012-05-25WalterShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-05-28Memories in MemoriamEssay
Paul Agostino2012-05-29Memory CollectiveHome Games
John Paul Carillo2012-05-31Nickels and DimesShort Stories
Tom Sullivan2012-05-31Still PointPoems
Paul Agostino2012-05-31Love StruckPoems
Paul Agostino2012-05-31Moving On DayPoems
Ken Noreika2012-05-31Show Me What You GotPoems
Paul Agostino2012-05-31Plan BPoems
Matt Galletta2012-05-31BlowjobPoems
Paul Agostino2012-05-31Universal AppealPoems
Dan Vasile2012-05-31Are You Sleeping?Poems
Paul Agostino2012-06-03A Great Bunch of GuysHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-06-05Mornings After With the Good DoctorHome Games
P.A., Publisher, Editor-in-Chief2012-06-06IMPORTANT OFFICE MEMO TO ALL HEADLOCK PRESS STAFFHome Games
Bob Bradley2012-06-08The Book of Bradley: Love and RomancePoems
Bob Bradley2012-06-08The Book of Bradley: Child RearingPoems
Bob Bradley2012-06-08The Book of Bradley: World PhilosophyPoems
Bob Bradley2012-06-08The Book of Bradley: ForewordPoems
Bob Bradley2012-06-08The Book of Bradley: Author's PrefacePoems
Paul Agostino2012-06-08The Book of Bradley: IntroductionPoems
Dr. Cleon Augustus2012-06-12Equal TimeEssay
Tina Vincenti2012-06-12What We ShareNon Fiction
John Deodato2012-06-12Collateral DamagePoems
Mike Aquilina2012-06-12Empty EmphasisPoems
Ken Noreika2012-06-12The Cemetery ParadePoems
Joe Vella2012-06-12A Succinct History of Human TemptationPoems
Headlock Press Staff2012-06-12Fallout From the Headlock Press Office MeetingHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-06-12Editor's Note to "Found" Writing IssueHome Games
Bob Bradley2012-06-15The Book of Bradley: The External WorldPoems
Bob Bradley2012-06-15The Book of Bradley: The Internal WorldPoems
Bob Bradley2012-06-15The Book of Bradley: Religious ObservancesPoems
Paul Agostino2012-06-15The Book of Bradley: Introduction to Part 2Poems
Paul Agostino2012-06-17The Rigmaster GeneralHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-06-22The Atheist Dialogues: Among the EnlightenedSpiritual
Paul Agostino2012-06-24The Flounder DebateSpiritual
A. Student2012-06-28ReconsiderationComedy
Paul Agostino2012-06-28Special Medal of Commendation: The Joe Frazier AwardHome Games
Joe Vella2012-06-28The MoustacheNon Fiction
Rich Arena2012-06-28The HunterPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2012-06-28Insect JamboreePoems
Ken Noreika2012-06-28Mourning DispatchPoems
Drew Biscardi2012-06-28The Fox and the MoonShort Stories
Tom Silon, Paul Agostino, Michael Agostino2012-06-30For Every Ass, A SeatPoems
Paul Agostino2012-07-03Dear Landlord, Part 1: Fun and Games for Competitive ChildrenHome Games
Bob Bradley2012-07-05A Children's Book for ChildrenSpiritual
Paul Agostino2012-07-05Groomed for Less-Than-SuccessHome Games
Dominick Quartuccio2012-07-05After My First Night in West Palm BeachPoems
Kenny 'The Kid' Noreika2012-07-05Fat FuckPoems
Joe Vella2012-07-05Staying Out of TouchNon Fiction
A. Student2012-07-08Give Me Liberty or Give Me...Ah, Forget ItComedy
Dominick Quartuccio2012-07-08Back and FourthEssay
Bob Bradley2012-07-08Report From NYCEssay
Dominick Quartuccio2012-07-08Apocryphal Road TripSpiritual
Tom Sullivan2012-07-08Parking Lot EducationNon Fiction
Ken Noreika2012-07-08No Room at the InnPoems
Paul Agostino2012-07-10Office BonusHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-07-10Dear Landlord, Part 2: Property HoldingsHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-07-20Interpreting ArtAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-07-23I Hate a ParadeAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-07-24Like Solitude and HarmonyAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-07-25D.M.V., H.I.V., & D.C.Away Games
Paul Agostino2012-07-27A Practical and Benevolent RegimeEssay
Paul Agostino2012-07-28Something in a NameEssay
Paul Agostino2012-07-29Holiday Bridge BuildingAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-07-30Survival of the QuickestAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-07-31Bewailing The TimesEssay
Paul Agostino2012-08-01Cupid´s SpearPoems
Paul Agostino2012-08-02Dirty Pool?Essay
Paul Agostino2012-08-02The International LanguageAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-08-03Net of DeceitEssay
Paul Agostino2012-08-06Bolts and ThunderAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-08-09Cultural ExchangeAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-08-10BlitzAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-08-11Olympic Snap ShotsEssay
Paul Agostino2012-08-13Far From Mt. OlympusAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-08-15Tweedledumb and TweedledopeEssay
Paul Agostino2012-08-17Long Gone DaddyAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-08-18The World´s Weirdest Street BandAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-08-24A Thousand KindnessesAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-08-26Treasures IntangibleHome Games
Advertisement2012-08-31Con Mucho GustoComedy
Tom Sullivan2012-08-31PricingNon Fiction
Fred Voss2012-08-31DisadvantagePoems
Dan Nielsen2012-08-31Crime and PunishmentPoems
Ken Noreika2012-08-31Nighttime DifferentialPoems
Michael Agostino2012-08-31Frank Bollinger DayShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-09-08Bartleby, the Little Match GirlPoems
Tom Sullivan2012-09-08Not My ResponsibilityPoems
Dan Vasile2012-09-08DissatisfactionPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2012-09-08The Jell-O People of Shady OaksPoems
Ken Noreika2012-09-08You Want What You NeedShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-09-14The Bounty of AccidentHome Games
Nicholas Uliano2012-09-14Time MachinePoems
Donna Annunziato2012-09-14ImportPoems
Kristen Mortak2012-09-14My First CarPoems
Rich Arena2012-09-14So Much For Peace-MakingPoems
Danielle DeSantis2012-09-14Your White Picket FencePoems
Ken Noreika2012-09-14Safe CrackingNon Fiction
John Paul Carillo2012-09-14The Most Important Person In the WorldShort Stories
A. Student2012-09-20Great ExpectationsComedy
Paul Agostino2012-09-20The Letter of DivorceSpiritual
Tom Sullivan2012-09-20The Gates of HeavenPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2012-09-20Reality TVPoems
Ken Noreika2012-09-20Rip Van Winkle BluesNon Fiction
Michael Agostino2012-09-20Rose's ParentsShort Stories
A. Student2012-09-25Style PointsComedy
Paul Agostino2012-09-25In Defense of the Tee ShirtEssay
Jennifer Stipes2012-09-25AbstinencePoems
Jackie DeMarco2012-09-25Dog WalkersPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2012-09-25Primal DinerPoems
Tina Vincenti2012-09-25TelepathyShort Stories
A. Student2012-10-04Old Mother Hubbard, RevisitedComedy
Paul Agostino2012-10-04Critical CollaborationEssay
Courtney Glynn2012-10-04Elevator EyesPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2012-10-04I Used to Sleep With a PipermanPoems
Matt Galletta2012-10-04InflatedPoems
Tom Sullivan2012-10-04Manic FlightPoems
Walter Plotz2012-10-04SandcastleShort Stories
A. Student2012-10-12The Ties That Legally BindComedy
Paul Agostino/Tom Caulfield2012-10-12Sports SacrificeEssay
Elisa Mendez2012-10-12Coming to TermNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2012-10-12StirringPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2012-10-12On Your Street All NightPoems
Ken Noreika2012-10-12Thirtieth Birthday, Twelve Years RemovedPoems
Matt Galletta2012-10-12Ice Cold BeerShort Stories
A. Student2012-10-18Survival InstinctComedy
Charlotte Limburger2012-10-18Minimum-Wage MouseNon Fiction
Meaghan Murphy2012-10-18The Future is in Our HandsPoems
Paul Agostino2012-10-18The More BlessedPoems
Jackie DeMarco2012-10-18Beyond BrooklynPoems
Drew Biscardi2012-10-18IntimidationShort Stories
A. Student2012-10-25Dental ComplexComedy
Bradford Augustus2012-10-25VisitationSpiritual
Ken Noreika2012-10-25Beyond the BreachPoems
Paul Agostino2012-10-25Floating AgreementPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2012-10-25Draining ThoughtsPoems
Drew Biscardi2012-10-25The Space WasterShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-11-01Blood Crying From the MinesAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-11-01The Doppelganger IncidentHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-11-01I've Never Gotten Around to Meeting the NeighborsPoems
Tom Sullivan2012-11-01Halloween PartyPoems
Michael Agostino2012-11-01YawnShort Stories
Bob Bradley2012-11-06Time For Change, Then Lunch And A NapEssay
Paul Agostino2012-11-08Leaves of TrashEssay
Fred Rojas2012-11-08Macroeconomics and MicroeconomicsEssay
Bob Bradley2012-11-08Election DayShort Stories
Eugene Cucinello and Paul Agostino2012-11-08CasualtyHome Games
Dan Falcone and Paul Agostino2012-11-08Tragic Close-UpNon Fiction
Steve Turner2012-11-08Power Cut/Electric MarriagePoems
A. Student2012-11-16Pull of the JoystickComedy
Paul Agostino2012-11-16My Car Died at the Customs Office at the Canadian BorderAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-11-16Keep MovingHome Games
Tom Sullivan2012-11-16First CarNon Fiction
Drew Biscardi2012-11-16Long Slow CurvePoems
Drew Biscardi2012-11-16My 38th BirthdayPoems
John Paul Carillo2012-11-16Big DealShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-11-22Bubble Gum as AdhesiveAway Games
Paul Agostino2012-11-22Thanksgiving GyroHome Games
Bob Bradley2012-11-29TreacherySpiritual
Paul Agostino2012-11-29East, West, and LostAway Games
Dominick Quartuccio2012-11-29He Goes Where He WantsPoems
Jackie DeMarco2012-11-29Flowering FeetPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2012-11-29City GaitPoems
Tina Vincenti2012-11-29The CakeShort Stories
A. Student2012-12-07Assignment: Family InterviewComedy
Paul Agostino2012-12-07BanishedSpiritual
Jennifer Stipes2012-12-07The HoleNon Fiction
Tom Sullivan2012-12-07BullyPoems
Michael Agostino2012-12-07Now ClassicalShort Stories
A. Student2012-12-13More True Tales of Bad ExcusesComedy
Paul Agostino2012-12-13The Price of GreatnessHome Games
Jaime Franks2012-12-13Profitable PolicyNon Fiction
Stephanie Reisnour2012-12-13SeasonedPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2012-12-13Dear Youth,Poems
Adam O'Connor2012-12-13Tyler's BirthdayShort Stories
Paul Agostino2012-12-14The Kissing BugPoems
Paul Agostino2012-12-20Birth of a Show OffHome Games
Kyle Viola2012-12-20Know What Doesn't Matter?Poems
Tom Sullivan2012-12-20Proverbs of PurgatoryPoems
Ken Noreika2012-12-20A Song For The Dark At The End Of The WorldPoems
Jordan Pittman2012-12-20On the Edge of ImmortalityShort Stories
Dominick Quartuccio2012-12-20Assurance InsuranceEssay
Paul Agostino2012-12-24The Christmas OwlHome Games
Paul Agostino2012-12-24BasicsPoems
John Lewis2012-12-24I Hate Grab BagPoems
A. Student2012-12-30Elementary, My Dear SasquatchComedy
Walter Plotz2012-12-30A Day at the BeachNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2012-12-30Old AcquaintancePoems
John Lewis2012-12-30Wedding TellsPoems
Joe Vella2012-12-30CommutationPoems
Rory Vanderbeck2012-12-30AntiquityShort Stories
Bob Bradley2012-12-31Rest and ResolutionAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-01-07Beelzebub's BunchEssay
Tom Sullivan2013-01-07Among the MisplacedNon Fiction
Joe Vella2013-01-07Home RemedyPoems
Richard J. Bruckner III2013-01-07Pizza BoyPoems
John Lewis2013-01-07Stan the ManShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-01-10Wing and a PrayerPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-01-10AMPoems
Anna Meadors2013-01-10Mean TimePoems
Drew Biscardi2013-01-10The Cursed ObjectShort Stories
Bob Bradley (with the Headlock Press Staff)2013-01-10The Sayings of Swami BradleyHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-01-12The Sayings of Swami Bradley: IntroductionHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-01-15The Sayings of a Long-Suffering Editor (Interview)Essay
Paul Agostino2013-01-17Dead FencingAway Games
Tom Sullivan2013-01-17Hoodlums and HoodwinkingNon Fiction
Ken Noreika2013-01-17Layers of ProtectionPoems
Paul Agostino2013-01-17IcebergPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-01-17The Knuckles of the SunPoems
Michael Agostino2013-01-17The AnswerShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-01-18Dear Mom,Home Games
Paul Agostino2013-01-19Return of the DoveHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-01-21BuddooHome Games
A. Student2013-01-24Ship ShapeComedy
Eugene Cucinello2013-01-24Take OutNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2013-01-24ReciprocationPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-01-24UnkeptPoems
Amanda Goldberg2013-01-24Color Me OrangePoems
John Lewis2013-01-24Breath on a BreezeShort Stories
Bob Bradley2013-02-03The Song of Swami Bradley: Overture and Act 1Spiritual
Dominick Quartuccio2013-02-03Foreword: The Song of Swami BradleySpiritual
Paul Agostino2013-02-03Introduction: The Song of Swami Bradley: A Word OperaSpiritual
Paul Agostino2013-02-05Ozymandias RevisitedEssay
Bob Bradley2013-02-07The Song of Swami Bradley: Act 2Spiritual
Paul Agostino2013-02-07HomemadeNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2013-02-07Drama and JournalismHome Games
Michael Agostino2013-02-07UntamedEssay
Stephanie Reisnour2013-02-07DistantPoems
Ken Noreika2013-02-07ConsideringPoems
Bob Bradley2013-02-13The Song of Swami Bradley: Act 3Spiritual
Paul Agostino2013-02-13A Decided Lack of DecorumHome Games
Officer Joe Bolton2013-02-13Gender Studies in HumorNon Fiction
Headlock Press Staff2013-02-13Inside the Actors' Studio With CurlyEssay
Noah Webster2013-02-13LarryPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-02-13Why you...Poems
Michael Agostino and Paul Agostino2013-02-13The MoeShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-02-18Henry, Part 1Home Games
A. Student2013-02-21The Shortest Distance Between Two PointsComedy
Bob Bradley2013-02-21The Song of Swami Bradley: FinaleSpiritual
Tom Sullivan2013-02-21Team Play and Pack BehaviorNon Fiction
Ken Noreika2013-02-21ReprievePoems
Ken Noreika2013-02-21MasterpiecesPoems
Rob Plath2013-02-21Playing GodPoems
Paul Agostino2013-02-21DevolutionPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-02-21The SteamPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-02-21I Feel You Eating Me UpPoems
Paul Agostino2013-02-24Henry, Part 2: Artist and AmbassadorHome Games
A. Student2013-02-28Both Sides, NowComedy
Paul Agostino2013-02-28What, Me Worry?Spiritual
Jade E. Anderson2013-02-28Past RutPoems
Rob Plath2013-03-01Stretching Into DarknessPoems
Rob Plath2013-03-01Death on the ExpresswayPoems
Ken Noreika2013-03-01Profit PuppetsPoems
Tom Sullivan2013-03-01New, Improved ManifestoPoems
Ed Eriksson2013-03-01Her Left ArmShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-03-05Henry, Part 3: InnovatorHome Games
A. Student2013-03-07Lingua FrancaComedy
Paul Agostino2013-03-07Marijuana ChroniclesEssay
Ken Noreika2013-03-07Where is Norman Rockwell When You Need Him?Poems
Ken Noreika2013-03-07Gifts and GrantsPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-03-07My Stupid Brother MasturbatesPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-03-07The Charge of FreedomPoems
Michael Agostino2013-03-07Scouting PartyShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-03-09Henry, Part 4: A Flair for the GameHome Games
A. Student2013-03-21Speared by the LawComedy
Paul Agostino2013-03-21Many Moons: A Seasonal Song CycleHome Games
Tom Ierna2013-03-21MiamiPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-03-21Your Baby Is So CutePoems
Ken Noreika2013-03-21No OffensePoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-03-21The King is Dead; Long Live the KingShort Stories
Randy Newman2013-03-31PotholesPoems
Paul Agostino2013-03-31In Search of the Stolen BaseEssay
Steve Klipstein2013-03-31They Called Him KlipNon Fiction
Dan Falcone2013-03-31The Scooter and the Boys From JerseyHome Games
A. Student2013-04-04Assigned Window SeatComedy
Paul Agostino2013-04-04The Yeast of the PhariseesSpiritual
Tom Sullivan2013-04-04Living SpacesNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2013-04-04Coiled SpringPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-04-04Beauty in BlightPoems
Jackie DeMarco2013-04-04Easter GloryPoems
Ken Noreika2013-04-04LatePoems
Tina Vincenti2013-04-04ParadiseShort Stories
Ken Noreika2013-04-10Martyr Without a CauseNon Fiction
Amanda Kern2013-04-10Fifth Birthday PartyPoems
Anthony Piacentini2013-04-10ParadingPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-04-10A Heavy LovePoems
Paul Agostino and Tom Sullivan2013-04-10Flesh and GoldPoems
Walter Plotz and Paul Agostino2013-04-10BleatingShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-04-19Chicken Chow Not-So-FunAway Games
Nick Maida2013-04-19Death is Taking NumbersPoems
Rich Gulekson2013-04-19The Trojan IncidentPoems
Jackie DeMarco and Paul Agostino2013-04-19Good Humor ManPoems
Alexandra Srp2013-04-19Twinkie TwilightShort Stories
Paul Agostino and Joe Agostino2013-04-21Sunday Bagels and Free AdviceHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-04-21Are You the Organ Tuners?Non Fiction
Paul Agostino2013-04-25Royal Farms RevisitedAway Games
Brad Dunne2013-04-25Shadows on Sesame StreetNon Fiction
Author Unknown2013-04-25I am too high to think about writing a poemPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-04-25Doing NothingPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-04-25What is Truth?Poems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-04-25SprigPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-04-25TeethPoems
Michael Agostino2013-04-25The Bowtie and the ButterflyShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-04-28The Falcon at BreakfastHome Games
Tiffany Boss and Paul Agostino2013-05-03I, Like, Definitely Saw GodSpiritual
Ken Noreika2013-05-03Achilles' Next-to-Last StandPoems
Paul Agostino2013-05-03Theory and PracticePoems
Paul Agostino2013-05-03Preening ParodyPoems
Paul Agostino2013-05-03Puffed UpPoems
Drew Biscardi2013-05-03The Box Cannot Be TrueShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-05-04Labor PartyHome Games
John Paul Carillo2013-05-06Dirt Bag City Part 1: Getting ThereShort Stories
Sal Chizzano2013-05-06Dirt Bag City: IntroductionShort Stories
A. Student2013-05-10Not Guilty By TechnicalityComedy
Charles Salvatore Chizzano2013-05-10Artists and Exit RampsAway Games
Dominick Quartuccio2013-05-10Pineapple and the JunkmanNon Fiction
Ken Noreika2013-05-10A Bell For a Bike (Latin Dance Mix)Poems
Paul Agostino2013-05-10Excellent FarePoems
Joe Vella2013-05-10I Always Feel Guilty Getting Into a CabPoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-05-10VibrationPoems
Jackie DeMarco2013-05-10Swollen Ankles and Shared ShouldersPoems
John Lewis2013-05-10S71Short Stories
Paul Agostino2013-05-12Ashtrays and CandelabrasHome Games
John Paul Carillo2013-05-14Dirt Bag City, Part 2: The Housewarming PartyShort Stories
John Paul Carillo2013-05-15Dirt Bag City, Part 3: Ideal BehaviorShort Stories
A. Student2013-05-17Decomposition PaperComedy
Paul Agostino2013-05-17Description DefianceHome Games
Jamie Browne2013-05-17Survival InstructionsEssay
Bob Bradley2013-05-17How Could You?Poems
Taylor Clasper2013-05-17Will You Survive?Poems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-05-17Meaningful WorkPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-05-17The Last Two People on EarthShort Stories
John Paul Carillo2013-05-21Dirt Bag City, Part 4: Tidying UpShort Stories
Bob Bradley vs. The Champeens Two2013-05-22No ContestEssay
Paul Agostino2013-05-23For the Baker of Cakes on Her BirthdayPoems
Luigi Scarano2013-05-23The Best SonShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-05-23Birthday SausageHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-05-25The Art of CollaborationNon Fiction
Gabriel Hepert2013-05-26The Brothers' WorkshopShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-05-26NullifiedPoems
Paul Agostino2013-05-27Left-Handed AngelHome Games
A. Student2013-06-01The Editor's DilemmaComedy
Paul Agostino2013-06-01Routine ForeverHome Games
John Paul Carillo, Paul Agostino, et al.2013-06-01Serious FunEssay
Ken Noreika and John Paul Carillo2013-06-01Soundtrack to a Near DisasterNon Fiction
John Paul Carillo2013-06-01Dirt Bag City, Part 5: Adventures in Lawn CareShort Stories
Paul Agostino and John Paul Carillo2013-06-01Breeding Vandals (A Teenage Soliloquy)Poems
Paul Agostino2013-06-09Muscle MemoryHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-06-10Root Canal JourneyHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-06-11The Master's Plan (The Big Bang Goes Kaput)Spiritual
A. Student2013-06-15Fathers, Sons, and OthersComedy
Paul Agostino2013-06-15The Most Beautiful Thing on This EarthHome Games
Drew Biscardi2013-06-1538 Trips Around the SunPoems
Drew Biscardi2013-06-15What No One KnowsPoems
Drew Biscardi2013-06-15The Smell of LiliesPoems
Drew Biscardi2013-06-15Me and My Father on Christmas EvePoems
Joe Agostino2013-06-15Ham and EggersNon Fiction
Dominick Quartuccio2013-06-15ShamelessPoems
Paul Agostino2013-06-19The Sins of the Father, Sons, and NephewHome Games
Anna Meadors2013-06-19MiscommunicationAway Games
Bob Bradley2013-06-19VisualizationEssay
Paul Agostino2013-06-19RebirthPoems
Jim Plath2013-06-19Tonight In the Milky WayPoems
Jackie DeMarco2013-06-19Sweeping Up the PiecesPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-06-19The Bureau of Inappropriate Weights and MeasuresPoems
Tina Vincenti2013-06-19Bag of BloodShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-06-22500 Years After ColumbusHome Games
Eugene Cucinello2013-06-22The Long Way Home, Part 1Away Games
Cheryl Harrison2013-06-22Uncle LoserEssay
Stephanie Reisnour2013-06-22At The Spotted Cat Jazz CafePoems
Stephanie Reisnour2013-06-22I Have Two Brothers,Poems
Jack Kerouac2013-06-23Hungry in San FranciscoPoems
Jack Kerouac2013-06-23The Old Maestro, Part 1Short Stories
Paul Agostino2013-06-23Introduction: On the Road Special Issue, Part 1Short Stories
Paul Agostino2013-06-27Byway of DefinitionAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-06-28ExtractionAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-06-29Gone WildAway Games
Jack Kerouac2013-07-02In America, When the Sun Goes DownSpiritual
Eugene Cucinello2013-07-02The Long Way Home, Part 2 (Omaha, Ohio, and Somewhere Near Centereach)Away Games
Jennifer Mullins2013-07-02Paradise, Part One (Rochester)Non Fiction
Jack Kerouac2013-07-02Down in Denver (Colorado)Poems
Jack Kerouac2013-07-02Bop (San Francisco)Poems
Jack Kerouac2013-07-02The Most Fantastic Parking Lot Attendant in the World (NYC)Poems
Jack Kerouac2013-07-02The Spirit of the West (Nebraska)Poems
Jack Kerouac2013-07-02The Old Maestro, Part 2 (San Francisco)Short Stories
Paul Agostino2013-07-03Precious CommoditiesHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-07-03Hunters (Vermont)Poems
Paul Agostino2013-07-03Introduction: On the Road Special Issue, Part 2Short Stories
Paul Agostino2013-07-05Of Rails and RelicsAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-07-07Free InstallationSpiritual
A. Student2013-07-09Comfortable With the ContradictionsComedy
Paul Agostino2013-07-09For the BirdsHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-07-09MouthfulsEssay
Paul Agostino2013-07-09Good Luck is No Great VirtuePoems
Jackie DeMarco2013-07-09DustPoems
Tom Sullivan2013-07-09ProgrammedPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-07-09Internet DatingPoems
Walter Plotz2013-07-09Watch the GapShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-07-10The History of Headlock Press, Part 1: Blue Box ArtHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-07-11The History of Headlock Press, Part 2: PlaybillHome Games
Ken Noreika2013-07-20LeftPoems
Paul Agostino2013-07-22Maligned and RedefinedPoems
Paul Agostino2013-07-23The Road to Shangri-LaAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-07-24Under the Covers and OutPoems
Paul Agostino2013-07-27Did You Hear the One About the Conspiracy Theorist?Spiritual
Ken Noreika, Paul Agostino, and A Special Guest2013-07-28A Looney Tunes TicketEssay
Bob Bradley2013-07-29Speaking of RememberingNon Fiction
Charles Salvatore Chizzano2013-07-29Bad Smells From the BarnyardEssay
Charles Salvatore Chizzano2013-07-30Donuts and Do-GoodersSpiritual
Stephanie Reisnour2013-08-01This VoicePoems
Paul Agostino2013-08-05Clearings and ClarityHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-08-06All In the Pinstripe FamilyEssay
Paul Agostino2013-08-11Loneliness and Solitude: Dictionary DescriptionsAway Games
Chipper Clown <{;o) and The Sad Clown <[:@(2013-08-12Public Privacy: A Two Clowns Opinon Makers' SpecialEssay
Tom Sullivan2013-08-13I Have Such DaysPoems
Bob Bradley and Paul Agostino2013-08-13Post-Game News Conference for the Bradley Strike SettlementHome Games
Chipper Clown <{;o) and The Sad Clown <[:@(2013-08-14RODEO CLOWNS ASKED TO TAKE "SENSITIVITY TRAINING"Essay
David Eaton2013-08-16The Great Northeastern BlackoutPoems
Ken Noreika2013-08-16Blooming and GroomingPoems
Tom Sullivan2013-08-16The Day a Fly DiedPoems
Michael Agostino2013-08-16Big Top HeadlockPoems
Dominick and Joe Quartuccio2013-08-16Clown Rights Are Human Rights (Sort Of)--A Headlock Press EditorialEssay
Charles Salvatore Chizzano2013-08-16The Knight of Bluster and His WifeNon Fiction
Megan Miller (with Paul Agostino)2013-08-16A Rare AdmissionEssay
Dr. D. O'Connor, Ph.D.; Headlock Press Staff2013-08-16Trained SensitivityEssay
Paul Agostino2013-08-18Found Poem, Lost LetterPoems
Paul Agostino2013-08-19How To Make Friends on Facebook: Promotional HijackingsHome Games
Paul Agostino and Joe Agostino2013-08-20Musical CardsEssay
Dominick and Joe Quartuccio2013-08-21The Office MeetingHome Games
Christopher Walken2013-08-21The Sadness of ClownsEssay
Michael Agostino2013-08-21Secret Heroes, Hidden HistoriesNon Fiction
David Eaton2013-08-21Revisionist History Class (Idle Toppling)Poems
Tom Sullivan2013-08-21The Appetite of FatePoems
Ken Noreika2013-08-21Boiled in a BagPoems
Robert James Bradley2013-08-21Martes LentoPoems
Walter Plotz2013-08-21GuessworkPoems
Paul Agostino2013-08-23Confrontational Refrigerator Magnet MottosEssay
Michael Agostino2013-08-23Dictators and the FaithfulPoems
M. Gandhi, Bob Bradley2013-08-24Bradley vs. Gandhi: A Steel Cage Match ShowdownEssay
Mike Meehan and Paul Agostino2013-08-25The Bullfrog's Song (Asheville Notes 1)Away Games
Paul Agostino and Mike Meehan2013-08-26On the Deck of the Hipster Bar, Speaking Loudly (Asheville Notes 2)Away Games
Paul Agostino2013-08-27Birthday Pizza Down in DixieAway Games
Cassius Marcellus Clay (with Paul Agostino)2013-08-28Dean of the GreatsHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-08-28Lost Day at the Fountain of YouthPoems
Mike Meehan, Big Jim Meehan, Paul Agostino2013-08-28Card Games With Big Jim (Asheville Notes 3)Away Games
Paul Agostino2013-08-29Van Morrison, Bent on ChivalryEssay
Paul Agostino2013-08-29The Best Song I've Ever HeardAway Games
M. Gandhi, Bob Bradley2013-08-30Gandhi vs. Bradley, The Steel Cage Match, Round 2: Freedom FightersSpiritual
Paul Agostino2013-08-30Big Al in AshevilleAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-08-31Cider Store RulesAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-09-01Appalachian Calculations (Featuring Dan Falcone)Away Games
Mike from City Drive-In, Paul Agostino2013-09-04Bachelor Laundry TipsAway Games
Paul Agostino and Megan Miller2013-09-04Stains and StrainsPoems
Dominick Quartuccio (From the teachings of Joe Q.)2013-09-04Keeping Your Mouth ShutPoems
Tom Sullivan and Paul Agostino2013-09-04InfestedPoems
Tara Burney2013-09-05Fixed and TransfixedShort Stories
Adam O'Connor2013-09-09Sophomore HubrisShort Stories
Stephen Dobyns2013-09-11BeautyPoems
Drew Biscardi2013-09-11Communion LiturgyPoems
Paul Agostino2013-09-11Pinocchio and His Father the ShoemakerPoems
Paul Agostino2013-09-12I Read Your DiaryPoems
Bob Bradley2013-09-12Coroner's CornerShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-09-14First Earth DayHome Games
Paul Agostino and Sister Say-So2013-09-14Dangerous LanguageEssay
Paul Agostino2013-09-16Writing RomanceHome Games
Thurman Savalas2013-09-19Humor is an Acquired TasteNon Fiction
Ken Noreika2013-09-19ReengagementPoems
Jessica Alonso2013-09-19Cannon Ball BelliesPoems
Anthony Piacentini2013-09-192:39 AMPoems
Amanda Kern2013-09-19The Perfect NinePoems
Shana Braff2013-09-19Playing Make Be LovePoems
Michael Agostino2013-09-19Distant RadiosPoems
Megan Miller2013-09-19Purgatorial InsomniaShort Stories
Ken Noreika2013-09-21Weight and LongingPoems
Paul Agostino2013-09-21Alabama Pizza SongAway Games
Eugene Cucinello2013-09-21Three Men From the EastSpiritual
Michael Agostino2013-09-21The Fugitive Next DoorShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-09-24Silent SeductionAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-09-24Oatmeal BustHome Games
Megan Miller2013-09-24University Parking, South P LotNon Fiction
Andrew Frey2013-09-24Train Ride HomePoems
Matt Galletta2013-09-24Caffeine JittersPoems
Belle Carmichael2013-09-24Me In The Car (Notes of a New Driver)Poems
Kayla Reilly2013-09-24Mary on Unit BPoems
Tara Burney2013-09-24Dream DestinationsPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-09-24Family Mug ShotShort Stories
Kayla Reilly2013-10-11Tarnished Skin TalkPoems
Matt Galletta2013-10-11Rubber RingPoems
Amanda Kern2013-10-11CarcassesPoems
Jackie DeMarco2013-10-11Morning StopPoems
Jackie DeMarco2013-10-11WakingPoems
Adam O'Connor2013-10-11First New YearShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-10-11WayfaringAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-10-15Icarus AscendingPoems
Drew Biscardi2013-10-15OrienteeringPoems
Ken Noreika2013-10-15Last Rites For the LostPoems
Michael Agostino2013-10-15How Does Your Garden Grow?Short Stories
Michael Agostino and Paul Agostino2013-10-18Hearty AfterthoughtsHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-10-23Perilous Strollings, Part 1: The BlacksmithAway Games
Mark Bialczak2013-10-23HometownPoems
Drew Biscardi2013-10-23Racing DaysPoems
Amanda Kern2013-10-23Lost Memories of the Way You Twirl Your HairPoems
Ken Noreika2013-10-23The Secrets of LifePoems
Tara Burney2013-10-23Reflective Practice Doesn't HelpPoems
Riann Roca2013-10-23Urban AffairsPoems
Matt Galletta2013-10-23The WindowShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-10-25Perilous Strollings, Part 2: Fixin' DinnerAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-10-25Object of ScornEssay
Paul Agostino2013-10-27Perilous Strollings, Part 3: Backwoods DatingAway Games
Walter Plotz2013-10-30Latchkey KidShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-11-05Perilous Strollings, Part 4: Moonshinin'Away Games
Paul Agostino2013-11-07Perilous Strollings, Part 5: Many VoicesAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-11-08Perilous Strollings, Part 6: Never Met a StrangerAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-11-09Perilous Strollings, Part 7: Decoration DayAway Games
Charles Salvatore Chizzano2013-11-09Traitor's SongPoems
Paul Agostino2013-11-10Perilous Strollings, Part 8: Blessed AssumptionAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-11-11Perilous Strollings, Part 9: Miss SheenaAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-11-12Perilous Strollings, Part 10: Beam Down Somebody Else, ScottyAway Games
Paul Agostino2013-11-12Perilous Strollings, Part 11: Strenuous (Featuring Dan Falcone)Away Games
Matt Galletta2013-11-12HeliumPoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2013-11-12Laundry DayPoems
Thurman Savalas2013-11-12Requiem For An Autumn AfternoonPoems
Joe Vella2013-11-12CompilingPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-11-12AmateursPoems
Tara Burney2013-11-12RemovalsShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-11-15Perilous Strollings, Finale: Venture Real EstateAway Games
Bob Bradley2013-11-16Interpreting the SignsPoems
A. Student2013-11-20Bereavement Leave and Bronchial BattlesComedy
Dominick Quartuccio2013-11-20Real WorkPoems
Matt Galletta2013-11-20Shut the Fuck UpPoems
Drew Biscardi2013-11-20The WallPoems
Eugene Cucinello2013-11-20MarkersNon Fiction
Bobbi Sheridan2013-11-20The GambleNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2013-11-22Steel-Tipped PointSpiritual
Jackie DeMarco2013-11-23O JackiePoems
Ken Noreika2013-11-26Embracing the MoonPoems
Matt Galletta2013-11-26LoadedPoems
Megan Miller and Paul Agostino2013-11-26Chicken Soup for the LovelessPoems
Amanda Kern2013-11-26No BargainPoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2013-11-26My Life With the WallShort Stories
Paul Agostino2013-11-29Odd CouplingHome Games
Found Poems2013-12-10Everyday SwordplayPoems
Matt Galletta2013-12-11My Best Work YetPoems
Tara Burney2013-12-11Character StudiesPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2013-12-11Untamed ForcePoems
Megan Miller2013-12-11Your Daily DialogueNon Fiction
Thurman Savalas2013-12-14Holiday TurkeyNon Fiction
Tara Burney2013-12-14PietáNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2013-12-14Virgin Births and Found Fathers, Part 2Spiritual
Paul Agostino2013-12-14Virgin Births and Found Fathers, Part 1Spiritual
Michael Agostino2013-12-14Secret IngredientPoems
Joe Vella, Paul Agostino, Sal Chizzano2013-12-18Dueling AxiomsEssay
Paul Agostino2013-12-21The Holly and the BasilHome Games
Paul Agostino2013-12-23Unexpected ArrivalsSpiritual
Bob Bradley2013-12-31First-of-Its-Kind SaleHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-01-01Best Music, Best Medicine (For the Good Doctor, M.M.)Away Games
Paul Agostino2014-01-02Tickled By the IvoriesAway Games
The Two Clowns <{;o) <[:@(2014-01-02Loophole Variations, 1: Free SamplesAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-01-03Early Lock InShort Stories
Chan Choi and Lai Zee2014-01-03Kabuki Theater: Plastic Samurai Sword DanceEssay
The Two Clowns&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<{;o) <[:@(2014-01-04Loophole Variations, 2: Everywhere a SignAway Games
Chan Choi and Lai Zee2014-01-05Critical Matters of IdentityEssay
Sal Chizzano and Jay Corollo2014-01-05Loophole Variations, 3: Suspicious StrangersAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-01-06Somewhere ElseAway Games
Bob Bradley2014-01-08Internal ApocalypseShort Stories
Chan Choi and Lai Zee2014-01-08Bleak VerseEssay
Paul Agostino (Featuring Dan Falcone)2014-01-08WindfallHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-01-09Fred Flintstone's Night at the OperaNon Fiction
Chan Choi and Lai Zee2014-01-09PracticumEssay
Ken Noreika2014-01-09The Cold FieldPoems
Paul Agostino2014-01-09Monday Morning PhilosopherPoems
Tara Burney2014-01-09Not UnknownPoems
Matt Galletta2014-01-09Election NightPoems
Michael Agostino2014-01-09First ImpressionismShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-01-11The Things That Hit YouAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-01-13Ascetic Pleasures (Newfoundland, Canada)Away Games
Headlock Press Staff2014-01-14Pie ApologyEssay
Paul Agostino2014-01-15Local Scenery (Galicia, Spain)Away Games
Mike Sprucepine2014-01-15After ClosingPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-01-15A Way to CelebratePoems
Jackie DeMarco2014-01-15DarkPoems
Ken Noreika2014-01-15early winterPoems
Headlock Press Players2014-01-16Behind the Curtain, Part 2Essay
Headlock Press Players2014-01-16Behind the Curtain, Part 1Essay
Charles Salvatore Chizzano2014-01-19Propulsion TheoriesEssay
Paul Agostino2014-01-20A Kind of Progress (Mason-Dixon border, U.S.A.)Away Games
Paul Agostino2014-01-22The Find (Alpujarra Mountains, Andalucia, Spain)Away Games
Paul Agostino2014-01-23Simple Sanctity (Southern Italy)Away Games
Bob Bradley2014-01-23Memento Mori: Remember That You Will DieShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-01-23The Dividing LinePoems
Charles Bukowski2014-01-23hello, BarbaraPoems
Drew Biscardi2014-01-23Snow MountainPoems
Tara Burney2014-01-23I'm Not the OnePoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-01-23Affection and DefectionNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2014-01-26LinksHome Games
Ed Eriksson2014-01-30The Master of the Quiet Way, Part OneSpiritual
Paul Agostino2014-01-30The MissionaryPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-01-30DocumentarianPoems
Jackie DeMarco2014-01-30Office TensionPoems
Ken Noreika2014-01-30Fighting ChanceNon Fiction
Michele Bedoya2014-01-30Worst of the BestShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-02-01Angel's AnecdoteHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-02-04The Productions of TimeEssay
Ed Eriksson2014-02-06The Master of the Quiet Way, Part 2: Times and SeasonsSpiritual
Paul Agostino2014-02-06What I Learned in Junior High School, Part 1: AcademicsHome Games
Michael Yots2014-02-06Basic TrainingPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-02-06The Same ThingPoems
Danielle Rose Fontana2014-02-06The Sequence of DesirePoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-02-06Dollar a TowelNon Fiction
Victoria Johnson2014-02-06Week of the WolfShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-02-08New Old World, Part 1 (Nova Scotia)Away Games
Paul Agostino2014-02-12What I Learned in Junior High School, Part 2: The ArtsHome Games
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-02-12Window ViewNon Fiction
Dominick Quartuccio2014-02-12ClammingPoems
Rory Vanderbeck2014-02-12What to Do With Hollie MaddockShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-02-14New Old World, Part 2 (Nova Scotia)Away Games
Paul Agostino2014-02-16Henry, Part 5: Henry and Betty, Making MoneyHome Games
Drew Biscardi2014-02-19HubrisPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-02-19Taxes And...Poems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-02-19No PrisonersPoems
Ken Noreika2014-02-19February LullabyPoems
Paul Agostino2014-02-19Henry, Part 6: Henry and Betty, SlapstickHome Games
Bob Bradley2014-02-27SurvivalistsPoems
Ken Noreika2014-02-27Dead EndsPoems
A. Student2014-03-07Survival EssentialsComedy
Ken Noreika2014-03-07New JackPoems
Paul Agostino2014-03-10Paul Griffin and the Pigeon PatternHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-03-13Green and Gold in a Gray-Brown WorldHome Games
Riann Roca2014-03-13Grandma's EnemyPoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-03-13High School ReunionPoems
Victoria Johnson2014-03-13GrinShort Stories
Thomas Merton2014-03-15Elegy for the Monastery BarnSpiritual
A. Student2014-03-27Elementary NirvanaComedy
Paul Agostino2014-03-27The Obsession to SecretePoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-03-27It Is 8:23 in the MorningPoems
Ken Noreika2014-03-27It's Coming DownPoems
Riann Roca2014-03-27Dead Girls Are SkinnierPoems
Bob Bradley2014-03-27GallantryShort Stories
Gabriel Hepert2014-03-29SorryPoems
Paul Agostino2014-04-03Impartiality Ain't What It Used to BeEssay
Riann Roca2014-04-03Starving ArtistsPoems
Michele Bedoya2014-04-03AffirmationsPoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-04-03Don't Take Your Dad to Amsterdam During Spring BreakNon Fiction
Paul Agostino (Featuring Dan Falcone)2014-04-04The Falcon at BrunchHome Games
Dominick Quartuccio2014-04-10Notes and ThingsPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-04-10Put Up Your DukesPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-04-10Like an AnimalPoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-04-10SuperheroPoems
Riann Roca2014-04-10Twilight VisitationPoems
Kristofer Barr2014-04-10The Bastard BitchShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-04-11DickPoems
Paul Agostino2014-04-14Awful BeautyPoems
A. Student2014-04-16Power SteeringComedy
Paul Agostino2014-04-16Laughing in FlamesPoems
Vicki Brady2014-04-16Crazy NanaPoems
Bruce Springsteen2014-04-16Lost in the FloodPoems
Drew Biscardi2014-04-16DirtyPoems
Nick Lohan2014-04-16Short Bus to NowherePoems
Charles Bukowski2014-04-16The Insane Always Loved MePoems
Paul Agostino2014-04-16No Talent NecessaryEssay
Robert Nasta2014-04-16Share CircleShort Stories
A. Student2014-04-24All This, and Minimum Wage, TooComedy
Bob Bradley2014-04-24A FacsimileShort Stories
Michele Bedoya2014-04-24From Paycheck to PaycheckPoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-04-24TribunalPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-04-24The Candyman Can'tPoems
Paul Agostino2014-04-24Less Than The Finest (Found Poem)Poems
Paul Agostino2014-04-26Don't Make a FussHome Games
A. Student2014-05-08Blessed Are the Peace MakersComedy
Paul Agostino2014-05-08Art and AfterlifeSpiritual
Nick Lohan2014-05-08Pirate Pink SlipPoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-05-08Geology and the Mets' FanPoems
Riann Roca2014-05-08Beach DazePoems
Paul Agostino2014-05-08Cannibal Cop Is Prison Cook (Found Poem)Poems
Paul Agostino2014-05-11Favorite Relatives' DayHome Games
A. Teacher2014-05-15A for AudacityComedy
Dominick Quartuccio2014-05-15Losing UglyPoems
Michele Bedoya2014-05-15Manaña Into the NightPoems
Steven Sabella2014-05-15Big BrotherPoems
Riann Roca2014-05-15War PaintPoems
Jose Mendoza2014-05-15Table TurnPoems
Rory Vanderbeck2014-05-15Two Stories HighShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-05-23All-StarHome Games
A. Student2014-05-29The Uninspired GuestComedy
Paul Agostino2014-05-29High JinxHome Games
Michele Bedoya2014-05-29A Driver's EducationPoems
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-05-29Winter SunsetPoems
Sally Agostino Neighley2014-05-29For Snickers (Found Poem)Poems
Tom Sullivan2014-05-29NewsletterPoems
Tom Sullivan2014-05-29BlackballedPoems
Paul Agostino2014-06-04Tried and UntrueEssay
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-06-05Living WitnessNon Fiction
Tom Sullivan2014-06-06The Misguided Leading the Blind (Found Poem)Poems
Victoria A. Morales2014-06-07TremoringPoems
Jim Plath2014-06-09Like the Cat's SilhouettePoems
Ashlea Azzopardi2014-06-10ThriftingPoems
Amanda Koscik2014-06-11Perfume and CigarettesPoems
Paul Agostino2014-06-12Philosophy 600Poems
Paul Agostino2014-06-12Like Patrick HenryEssay
Paul Agostino2014-06-13The ComparisonEssay
Dominick Quartuccio2014-06-14After NoonPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-06-15Pinky RingPoems
Paul Agostino2014-06-16Rooting InterestEssay
Dominick Quartuccio2014-06-17FearlessPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2014-06-18Blood SuckersPoems
Paul Agostino2014-06-19The Human OstrichShort Stories
Katelyn Donnarumma2014-06-20The Difference a Year MakesPoems
Charles Salvatore Chizzano2014-06-21How to Make Friends on Facebook: BeeswaxEssay
Dominick Quartuccio2014-06-22ArmedPoems
Paul Agostino2014-06-23"Like Kissing Your Sister"Away Games
Augustus Egotista2014-06-24Sound and Fury, Signifying NothingEssay
Paul Agostino2014-06-25Mountain Rover StewAway Games
Katelyn Donnarumma2014-06-26Tasting LightningPoems
Paul Agostino2014-06-27MEN WORKING (Appalachian Mountains, N.C.)Away Games
Dominick Quartuccio2014-06-28Where We MeetPoems
Headlock Press Staff2014-06-29Headlock Press World Cup Coverage, Part 1Essay
Paul Agostino2014-06-29Disgruntled AgainHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-06-30A Call to Civic DutyAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-07-01Eh?Non Fiction
Paul Agostino2014-07-01Me and Alfred E.Home Games
Jim Plath2014-07-03The Lighter SideEssay
Paul Agostino2014-07-03Guy TalkEssay
Paul Agostino2014-07-06Last StopAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-07-07Attack of the ButterfliesAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-07-08Cain and Abel, Again and AgainSpiritual
Paul Agostino2014-07-08Clothes Huntin'Away Games
Paul Agostino2014-07-09More True Tales From the Last Stop MotelAway Games
Headlock Press Staff2014-07-09Headlock Press World Cup Coverage, Part 2Essay
Paul Agostino2014-07-10Jams and ScamsAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-07-12Mechanical SarcasmHome Games
Dominick Quartuccio2014-07-13Little Green BirdsShort Stories
richard peters2014-07-13soccerPoems
Paul Agostino and 'Friends'2014-07-14World Cup AfterglowEssay
Dominick Quartuccio2014-07-16BurnPoems
Paul Agostino2014-07-17No Coupons NecessaryAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-07-17Recoveries and DiscoveriesAway Games
Paul Agostino and Adam O'Connor2014-07-19Possible Exceptions for Freedom of ExpressionEssay
Paul Agostino2014-07-19Competitive CollaborationSpiritual
Dan Falcone (and Friends)2014-07-23The BoycottEssay
Paul Agostino2014-07-24Criminal Ridiculousness: An Appalachian Case StudyAway Games
Jamal Masri2014-07-25The Sounds of NablusNon Fiction
Paul Agostino (Editor)2014-07-26The Benefits of Low ExpectationsAway Games
Thurman Savalas/ Sal Chizzano2014-07-27Just the Facts...MostlyPoems
richard peters2014-07-27secretsPoems
Paul Agostino2014-07-28Appalachian ConvenienceAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-07-29Practice, Practice, and MalpracticeEssay
Paul Agostino and Staff2014-07-30Special Headlock Press Report From Spruce PineAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-07-30Criminal Ridiculousness, Part 2: JailbreakAway Games
Paul Agostino (Editor)2014-08-01Aim Low and Mediocrity Can Feel Like WinningAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-08-01Slugging and Shrugging at the Trade DeadlineEssay
Paul Agostino2014-08-02UFOs Spotted Over Spruce PineAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-08-03This Little LightSpiritual
Paul Agostino2014-08-04Brunch BizarreAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-08-05EnvyPoems
Paul Agostino2014-08-07Nothing Doing RecessEssay
Paul Agostino2014-08-08Endangered GameAway Games
Thurman Savalas2014-08-12Ass On FirePoems
Paul Agostino2014-08-13Moonshine Through the MistAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-08-15Joining the ClubAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-08-17Big Jim, Freedom FighterAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-08-18Wet LemmingsAway Games
Ken Noreika2014-08-19Cessation BlessingPoems
Paul Agostino2014-08-20Style, Substance, Stars, and BarsSpiritual
Ken Noreika2014-08-21Birth of the Bald KidPoems
Paul Agostino2014-08-22Out of IdeasAway Games
Paul Agostino (Editor)2014-08-25Otter and the Coon DogsAway Games
Ken Noreika2014-08-26The Trouble With NostalgiaPoems
Paul Agostino2014-08-27The Rigmaster GeneralHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-08-28Fan MailEssay
Paul Agostino2014-08-29Fairy Tales for Folks With IssuesShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-08-31Super 8 SundayAway Games
Ken Noreika2014-09-03Heaven Through the Haze (Las Vegas)Poems
Paul Agostino2014-09-04Bubble Gum as AdhesivePoems
Drew Biscardi2014-09-06Blood in the Lines, Side 1Poems
Drew Biscardi2014-09-07Blood in the Lines, Side 2Poems
Bob Bradley2014-09-09Town MeetingShort Stories
Adam O'Connor2014-09-09Chest and Triceps DayShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-09-11Distance and AnglesPoems
Michael Agostino2014-09-12Frank Bollinger DayShort Stories
Tom Sullivan2014-09-13The Gates of HeavenPoems
Irene Huhtala2014-09-15UnavoidablePoems
Paul Agostino and Tom Sullivan2014-09-15Sully and Me, Part 1: The Music of ObjectsPoems
Paul Agostino and Tom Sullivan2014-09-16Sully and Me, Part 2: Story and ScriptPoems
Bob Bradley2014-09-18Alien Correspondent: Sports ReportHome Games
Bob Bradley2014-09-18Alien Correspondent: Home and LeisureHome Games
Ken Noreika2014-09-19LingeringShort Stories
Bob Bradley2014-09-21Alien Correspondent: ReligionHome Games
Paul Agostino, Dan Falcone, Bob Bradley2014-09-22DistinctiveHome Games
Michael Agostino2014-09-23How to Make Friends on Facebook: Strangers StillEssay
Paul Agostino (Found Poem)2014-09-23Stiff Penile-ty For PrankPoems
Eugene Cucinello2014-09-25CommunicatorsNon Fiction
richard peters2014-09-26what is a poem??Poems
Adam O'Connor (with Paul Agostino)2014-09-27Prove it All NightEssay
Bob Bradley2014-09-28Alien Correspondent: ReviewsHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-09-29Measures of SuccessAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-10-01Pizza TheatreAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-10-02Rates of ChangeAway Games
Bob Bradley2014-10-03Alien Correspondent: Travel SectionHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-10-04Proposals and Rough PatchesEssay
Paul Agostino2014-10-06Remedial RakingHome Games
Adam O'Connor2014-10-07Do-OverShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-10-07A Proper BreakfastHome Games
Bob Bradley2014-10-09Alien Correspondent: ClassifiedsHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-10-10UnsettlementAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-10-10Unsettlement, Part 2Away Games
A. Student2014-10-12Grammar and the Emergency Medical TechnicianComedy
Robert Nasta2014-10-13ExplosivesNon Fiction
Bob Bradley2014-10-15Alien Correspondent: PersonalsHome Games
Jackie DeMarco2014-10-16In a Crayola BoxPoems
Allison Donohue2014-10-16PhasedPoems
Paul Agostino2014-10-18The Trucker's TaleAway Games
Paul Agostino2014-10-19Quitting and WinningAway Games
Bob Bradley2014-10-21Alien Correspondent: Pet CareHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-10-22Love VansPoems
Bob Bradley2014-10-24Alien Correspondent: Interpersonal RelationsHome Games
Matt Galletta2014-10-25The ComediennePoems
Paul Agostino2014-10-26Micro-MinimalismHome Games
Bob Bradley2014-10-31Alien Correspondent: AdviceHome Games
Matt Galletta2014-11-06Bus Stop at 10 P.M.Poems
Matt Galletta2014-11-07Careers & FinancePoems
Paul Agostino2014-11-08PawsNon Fiction
Matt Galletta2014-11-10ShutteredPoems
Matt Galletta2014-11-11BigPoems
Bob Bradley2014-11-17HamletShort Stories
Paul Agostino (Featuring Bob Bradley)2014-11-18Alien Correspondent: Dining OutHome Games
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld2014-11-20Family TreeShort Stories
Ken Noreika and Paul Agostino2014-11-22Head Down/Heads UpPoems
Paul Agostino (with The Sharing Circle of Writers)2014-11-23The Gentle Art of SuggestionEssay
Paul Agostino and Claudio Costanza2014-11-24Spare TireHome Games
Paul Agostino (with Chan Choi)2014-11-26Fantail and FishmongersShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-11-27Miles Standish, ApproximatelyAway Games
Sal Chizzano (Headlock Press Office Manager)2014-11-28Trouble ShootersHome Games
Paul Agostino (with L. Borden)2014-11-29Customer ComplaintsEssay
Paul Agostino2014-11-30Unbound LanguageEssay
Natalia Dutra Rodefeld (and Staff)2014-11-30The GlitchPoems
Paul Agostino2014-12-04Absurdist Non-FictionHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-12-05The Morning BallerinaHome Games
The Two Clowns2014-12-07What's so Goddamn Funny?Essay
Paul Agostino2014-12-09Regarding RomanticsEssay
Bob Bradley2014-12-10NailedShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-12-11Remedial Raking, 2: The Demands of DutyHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-12-13Survival DutyHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-12-13Lucky BirthdayHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-12-15Hey, HoneyHome Games
Paul Agostino2014-12-16Vacation PolaroidHome Games
Ken Noreika2014-12-18if the shoe don't fitPoems
Paul Agostino2014-12-19The Simplest ActPoems
Riann Roca2014-12-20The Man and the MoonShort Stories
Riann Roca2014-12-21Night GlidingPoems
Michael Agostino2014-12-22ConfederatesShort Stories
Paul Agostino2014-12-24Holiday SurveillanceShort Stories
Samantha Post2015-01-21Local TalentShort Stories
Angela Barbaro2015-01-226:51 Min/MilePoems
Paul Agostino2015-01-23BombshellAway Games
Bob Bradley2015-01-24The OthersNon Fiction
Grant Parpan and Paul Agostino2015-01-25Prayers and ProvisionsEssay
Erica Determann2015-01-26Snow AngelsShort Stories
Paul Agostino2015-01-27Some Grudges Die HardHome Games
Dominick Quartuccio2015-01-28Resolution CookiesPoems
M. Gandhi2015-01-29Call and Response: The Critic's SongEssay
Brent Swike2015-01-30Public Service AnnouncementShort Stories
A. Student2015-01-31Senior TripComedy
Dan Falcone (with the Dan Falcone Fan Club)2015-01-31Snowplow FalconeHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-02-01Super Sunday Rules ReviewEssay
Paul Agostino and Bob Bradley2015-02-02Snow Cones from the Fountain of YouthPoems
Drew Biscardi2015-02-03TuckedPoems
Riann Roca2015-02-04HickeysShort Stories
Tom Sullivan (with Paul Agostino)2015-02-05Do-It-Yourself Revisionist History: A PrimerEssay
Edward Eriksson2015-02-07Snow White and the Seven DorksPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2015-02-08InterloperPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2015-02-09Blood on the TracksPoems
Bob Bradley2015-02-11The CornerstoneShort Stories
The Two Clowns <{;o) <[:@(2015-02-12Special Medical News BulletinEssay
Angela Barbaro2015-02-13Have a Nice Day, SirPoems
Dan Falcone (with the Dan Falcone Fan Club)2015-02-14Peace of the ProfitEssay
richard peters2015-02-15valentines dayPoems
Sean McAndrews2015-02-16No Shots for My BirthdayPoems
Paul Agostino2015-02-17Fortune Tea BagHome Games
Drew Biscardi2015-02-18Skeleton On SnowshoesPoems
Brent Swike2015-02-19Of Man and GodPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2015-02-20The Plate on the StoopPoems
Paul Agostino2015-02-21UncharitableHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-02-22Underrated InnovationHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-02-23Artistic Axioms to GrindShort Stories
Paul Agostino (Featuring Dan Falcone)2015-02-25First Person, PluralHome Games
A. Student2015-02-26Happy Veteran's Day!Comedy
Tom Sullivan (with Paul Agostino)2015-02-26FleetingPoems
Paul Agostino (Featuring Dan Falcone, R.S. Smith)2015-02-27Birthday BeaniesHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-03-01Classroom Strategies for Lazy StudentsEssay
Paul Agostino (with the Dan Falcone Fan Club)2015-03-02Happy Birthday RecapHome Games
A. Student2015-03-02Automotive TechnicalityComedy
Micah Zevin2015-03-03Survival InstinctsPoems
richard peters2015-03-05snowPoems
Christina Fonte2015-03-06Private CallerPoems
Paul Agostino2015-03-07SquabPoems
Shannon Galasso2015-03-08GoldfishShort Stories
Alexis Babian2015-03-09Mile a MinutePoems
Adam O'Connor2015-03-12Field TripShort Stories
Paul Agostino2015-03-17Winner and Still Champ (St. Patrick's Day Special)Away Games
Micah Zevin2015-03-20Winter MiragePoems
Paul Agostino2015-03-21Cat PicturesHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-03-22Tangled IntentionsPoems
Brent Swike2015-03-23The Bacardi LadyShort Stories
Paul Agostino2015-03-24Obedience SchoolPoems
Adam O'Connor2015-03-26Would You Leave Me In Vegas?Short Stories
Paul Agostino2015-03-27EscapeeHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-03-28First CourseHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-03-30Expanding On PerfectionPoems
Paul Agostino2015-03-31Sunset Variations, Part 1Away Games
Paul Agostino2015-04-01Sunset Variations, Part 2Away Games
Paul Agostino2015-04-02The Gray Man, Part 1: Birth of The Gray ManPoems
Paul Agostino2015-04-03The Gray Man, Part 2: Casework and CounselPoems
Paul Agostino2015-04-03The Gray Man, Part 3: CommunionPoems
Paul Agostino2015-04-06Groomed for Less-Than-SuccessHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-04-08Ball Games and Play RoomsHome Games
Steve Klipstein2015-04-10They Called Him KlipNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2015-04-12JunkShort Stories
David Eaton2015-04-14Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker JackPoems
A. Student2015-04-16On the Wings of AspirationComedy
A. Student2015-04-17RootsComedy
Paul Agostino2015-04-18Sprung, Part 1: FloraPoems
Paul Agostino2015-04-19Sprung, Part 2: FaunaPoems
Paul Agostino2015-04-20Sometimes It Makes You Feel BetterPoems
Luis Segovia2015-04-22Sex, Martin Luther King Jr., & A HedgehogShort Stories
Paul Agostino2015-04-23Autobiography, ActuallyHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-04-24Lack of CuriosityEssay
Paul Agostino2015-04-27Self-StyledNon Fiction
Brittany Maikowski2015-04-29Oil ChangePoems
A. Student2015-04-29Spanning the GalaxiesComedy
Paul Agostino2015-04-30Bearing False WitnessEssay
Michael Agostino2015-05-01Scouting PartyShort Stories
Paul Agostino2015-05-03PurgatorySpiritual
Dominick Quartuccio2015-05-04infamyPoems
Paul Agostino2015-05-06BreatherHome Games
Maureen Johnsonbaugh2015-05-07WelcomeShort Stories
Danielle Aitken2015-05-13Smoky KissesPoems
Heather Legnosky2015-05-14You Look Like Someone I KnowPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2015-05-15CementPoems
Veronica Gagliardo2015-05-16First Day of CollegePoems
Paul Agostino2015-05-17The Kissing BugHome Games
Justin Brock2015-05-18Golf BowelsPoems
Kristina Winnes2015-05-19Noodle DoodlePoems
Zachary J. Paskow2015-05-20Rails on TimePoems
Sarah Fazzino2015-05-21QuickiePoems
Paul Agostino and Kristen Blager2015-05-24The Mystery CakeHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-05-29The Fabulous Mr. NoPoems
Joe Nieves2015-05-31If Ignorance Is BlissSpiritual
Hannah Savello2015-06-01Snow TacticPoems
Peter Galgan2015-06-01DrudgePoems
Paul Agostino2015-06-03East, West, and LostAway Games
Keith Hendrickson2015-06-03It's 4 A.M. and I'm DrunkPoems
richard peters2015-06-04no pain no gainPoems
Brianna Ruggiero2015-06-08Skin-to-ScalePoems
Kristen Blager2015-06-09Oncologist ReceptionistPoems
Taylor Cook2015-06-10White NoisePoems
Keith Hendrickson2015-06-11We Were the Best Players in the CityPoems
Kayla Gleeson2015-06-12january herePoems
Paul Agostino2015-06-13At the Track, Part 1: Partners in OddsNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2015-06-14At the Track, Part 2: Special Fathers' Day EditionNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2015-06-15At the Track, Part 3: Venues and VictoriesNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2015-06-17When I Am Forced to Do Battle With BureaucraciesPoems
Paul Agostino2015-06-18Frank, On CuePoems
Ken Noreika2015-06-19ShufflingPoems
Paul Agostino2015-06-20The Sleeping AntagonistPoems
Paul Agostino2015-06-21Muhammad Ali: Treasure Beyond MeasureSpiritual
Chan Choi and Lai Zee2015-06-23Big Buddhas and Little EmperorsEssay
Dave Eaton2015-06-24Extra creditPoems
Paul Agostino (and the Compound Players)2015-06-25Antoinette of the North (Part 1)Home Games
Paul Agostino2015-06-26Antoinette of the North (Part 2)Home Games
Paul Agostino2015-06-27One Out of Nine Ain't BadEssay
Lai Zee2015-06-28DisciplesEssay
Chan Choi2015-06-28Get the Point?Essay
Paul Agostino2015-07-01Can Morality Be Defined?Spiritual
Bob Bradley and M. Gandhi2015-07-02How Much Light Do You Carry?Spiritual
Paul Agostino (Featuring Sal and Nick)2015-07-04InclusionHome Games
Paul Agostino (with Matt Galletta)2015-07-05Little Bundles of RescueEssay
Dominick Quartuccio (with Paul Agostino)2015-07-06Name CallingPoems
Paul Agostino2015-07-07The Oldest FirstSpiritual
Paul Agostino (Featuring Dan Falcone)2015-07-08Auto-FailHome Games
Brittany Byrne2015-07-10SolitudePoems
Ashley Glenn2015-07-11Period.Poems
Brent Swike2015-07-12WolvesPoems
Adam O'Connor (with Paul Agostino)2015-07-13Bunk Bed TheaterShort Stories
Ed Eriksson and Paul Agostino2015-07-15Why I Eloped With FrankiePoems
Eugene Cucinello2015-07-17Hanging Up the OverallsNon Fiction
Paul Agostino (Featuring Jim Playtho & Domino)2015-07-19MisdirectionHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-07-20Midtown OasisAway Games
Dominick Quartuccio2015-07-21Thumb HoldPoems
Dominick Quartuccio2015-07-22He Goes Where He WantsPoems
John Lewis and Paul Agostino2015-07-23Matters of MannersHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-07-24Character Search (Theater Review)Essay
Paul Agostino2015-07-25Celia,Poems
Paul Agostino (With Erica Conway)2015-07-27Plaques, Pins, and AwardsNon Fiction
Angela Barbaro2015-07-29June, 1999Poems
Paul Agostino2015-07-30Dining With GeniusHome Games
Bob Bradley2015-07-30The New World OrderShort Stories
Alexandra 'Ola' Ostrowski, M.C.2015-08-01Strip Club SuitePoems
Ken Noreika2015-08-02Loser's OutPoems
Paul Agostino2015-08-04Beyond CamouflagePoems
Paul Agostino2015-08-06The Legend That Blocked the HeavensShort Stories
Paul Agostino2015-08-07Contest of WillsPoems
Paul Agostino2015-08-09GracePoems
Drew Biscardi2015-08-10Standing DinnerPoems
Paul Agostino2015-08-11Long Gone DaddyAway Games
Adam O'Connor2015-08-13HammeringShort Stories
Paul Agostino2015-08-25Morning Companion (Appalachian Mountains)Away Games
Paul Agostino2015-08-28Scaling Plymouth RockNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2015-09-01It's a Put-OnEssay
Paul Agostino2015-09-02Appalachian SignsAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-04The Avery Post: Appalachian ReportageAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-06Appalachian AnnoyancesAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-08Melon BugAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-09Labor Day Good WorksEssay
richard peters2015-09-09prejudiceEssay
Paul Agostino2015-09-10The Avery Post: Fire on the MountainAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-11Dan Falcone, RisingAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-14The Avery Post and Regular Folks, Part 1Essay
Paul Agostino2015-09-16The Avery Post and Regular Folks, Part 2Essay
Paul Agostino2015-09-17The Avery Post: Commerce and CharityAway Games
Paul Agostino and Jimmie Daniels2015-09-18The Avery Post: From the GardenAway Games
richard peters2015-09-19champion of the usaPoems
Paul Agostino (with Deke Rivers)2015-09-20The Avery Post: Local SportsAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-22The Avery Post: Advertisements and EditorialsAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-25The Latest SaviorEssay
Headlock Press Staff2015-09-26Understandable Apathy: An Apolitical DiscussionEssay
Paul Agostino2015-09-29The Avery Post and Regular Folks, Part 2Away Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-29The Avery Post: The Mystery of Bertie Burleson, Part 1Away Games
Paul Agostino2015-09-30The Avery Post: The Mystery of Bertie Burleson, Part 2Away Games
Paul Agostino (with Deke Rivers)2015-10-01The Avery Post: The Mystery of Bertie Burleson, Part 3Away Games
Paul Agostino2015-10-02The Avery Post: High Country SongsAway Games
Paul Agostino (with Andy Keziah)2015-10-03The Avery Post: The Mystery of Bertie Burleson, PostscriptAway Games
Paul Agostino2015-10-05Selective Hand-WringingEssay
Paul Agostino2015-10-06Wild Card SurpriseEssay
Paul Agostino2015-10-07Consolation PrizeEssay
Paul Agostino2015-10-08How to Make Friends on Facebook: Distant Relatives' DayEssay
Paul Agostino2015-10-11Baseball Umps and Front-Office HumpsEssay
Paul Agostino2015-10-11Uplifting SolutionEssay
Paul Agostino (with Tom Sullivan)2015-10-13Half a Millennium After ColumbusPoems
Dan Falcone (and others)2015-10-14The Protest Song of Dan FalconeEssay
Paul Agostino2015-10-15Marathon AnnoyanceEssay
Paul Agostino (Inspiration by Dan Falcone)2015-10-18Invention and ReinventionHome Games
Joe & Paul Agostino (Featuring Christine Landlady)2015-10-19All Day LongHome Games
John Deodato2015-10-21Diamond MysteryPoems
Paul Agostino2015-10-222nd Runner-Up, Honorable MentionHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-10-23I'm Thinking of YouPoems
Paul Agostino2015-10-24PoofShort Stories
Paul Agostino2015-10-26Betty Takes One for the TeamHome Games
Mike Aquilina2015-10-27Numbers GamePoems
A. Student2015-10-28The Life of MeComedy
Paul Agostino2015-10-29CurrentsNon Fiction
Joe Agostino2015-10-31Star QualityPoems
Ken Noreika2015-11-01My Pop and the Next Mickey MantlePoems
Celia Nofone (with Paul Agostino)2015-11-02The Amazing Day of Letters, 1: Paragraph-PoemsHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-11-02Post-PostseasonEssay
Toni Contatina (with Paul Agostino)2015-11-04The Amazing Day of Letters, 2: Act NaturallyHome Games
A. Student2015-11-04The Ass-End of TroubleComedy
John Lewis, Paul Agostino, Dan Falcone2015-11-05Karmic TheaterHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-11-07Domestically DisturbedHome Games
Matt Galletta (with Paul Agostino)2015-11-09The Amazing Day of Letters, 3: RevueHome Games
Dominick Quartuccio and Paul Agostino2015-11-11The Amazing Day of Letters, 4a: Poetic IronyHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-11-12FavorHome Games
Paul Agostino2015-11-14Woolen MasksSpiritual
Paul Agostino2015-11-15Selective Hand-Wringing, Part 2Essay
Stephen Dobyns2015-11-17BeautyPoems
Dan Falcone (with Paul Agostino)2015-11-18One in a Billion, Part 1Non Fiction
Dan Falcone (with Paul Agostino)2015-11-19One in a Billion, Part 2Non Fiction
richard peters2015-11-20sciencePoems
Paul Agostino2015-11-22Makeshift RepairPoems
Paul Agostino2015-11-24The Book of Seth, Part 1Spiritual
Paul Agostino2015-11-25The Book of Seth, Part 2Spiritual
Paul Agostino2015-11-26The Book of Seth, Part 3Spiritual
Paul Agostino2015-11-27Blue-Ribbon ThanksgivingHome Games
Celia Newfone2015-11-28Cultural BiasPoems
Paul Agostino2015-11-28The Book of Seth, Prelude/PostscriptSpiritual
Riann Roca2015-11-30HabitsPoems
Riann Roca2015-12-01A Walk at NightPoems
Paul Agostino (Muse: Dom Quartuccio)2015-12-03The Amazing Day of Letters, 4b: Inspired Off-ShootHome Games
Mike Aquilina (with Paul Agostino)2015-12-05The Amazing Day of Letters, 5: P.S.Home Games
Paul Agostino2015-12-06No Need to CompareHome Games
Adam O'Connor2015-12-08Study BreakShort Stories
Bob Bradley2015-12-10The Book of Bradley: Unemployment OpportunitiesPoems
Paul Agostino (Featuring Sal & Nick)2015-12-12Mowing for Fitness and PleasureHome Games
John Lewis2015-12-14CheerPoems
Bob Bradley2015-12-15The Book of Bradley: My Tender FeelingsPoems
Paul Agostino2015-12-16The Full, the Famished, and the Gulf Between ThemPoems
Matt Galletta2015-12-18You Remind Me of PhiladelphiaPoems
Bob Bradley2015-12-19A Bob Bradley Holiday CompanionPoems
Paul Agostino2015-12-22My One Perfect ThingNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2015-12-24The Christmas OwlHome Games
Michael Agostino2015-12-26Pennies From HeavenNon Fiction
Bob Bradley2015-12-28Did You Miss Me?Poems
Bob Bradley2015-12-30StaticPoems
Bob Bradley2016-01-04Waiting GamePoems
Bob Bradley2016-01-06HicksvillePoems
Bob Bradley2016-01-07I Am the Author of My Own DreamsPoems
Bob Bradley2016-01-08Children's Entertainment, 20th Century A.D.Poems
Bob Bradley2016-01-09Congratulations On Not DyingPoems
Bob Bradley2016-01-10Hey Everybody,Poems
Bob Bradley2016-01-11The Book of Bradley: Moral CompassesPoems
Bob Bradley2016-01-13The Sunny Side of HistoryPoems
Bob Bradley2016-01-14The Book of Bradley: Q&APoems
Bob Bradley2016-01-16For the Love of ClownsPoems
richard peters2016-01-17quizzesPoems
Paul Agostino2016-01-18WitnessAway Games
Bob Bradley2016-01-19The Book of Bradley: DomesticityPoems
Riann Roca2016-01-21The Fisherman's SonPoems
Brent Swike2016-01-22Snow, ShovelPoems
Paul Agostino (Featuring Hurricane Irene)2016-01-22Snow JobHome Games
Paul A., Michael A., Tricia C., Aquaman, Friends2016-01-23That's One Talented PigEssay
Paul Agostino2016-01-23The InheritancePoems
Paul Agostino2016-01-24Snow Job Follow-UpHome Games
Adam O'Connor2016-01-28South by Southwest, Part 1: Beads Raining Down in New OrleansShort Stories
Paul Agostino2016-01-29Not-For-ProfitPoems
Paul Agostino (Featuring Dan Falcone)2016-01-31The Royal "He"Home Games
Paul Agostino (for John Powell)2016-02-01Can't Wait 'Til TomorrowNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-02I Guess They Didn't Get the JokeEssay
Ed Eriksson2016-02-04More From The Master, Part 1Spiritual
Ed Eriksson2016-02-05More From The Master, Part 2Spiritual
Paul Agostino2016-02-06InspiringNon Fiction
Ed Eriksson2016-02-07More From The Master, Part 3Spiritual
Paul Agostino2016-02-09Learning Ledger, Part 1: Two CoachesNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-10Learning Ledger, Part 2: The Only OneNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-11Learning Ledger, Part 3: The DisconsolateNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-12Learning Ledger, Part 4: Pluck of the IrishNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-13Learning Ledger, Part 5: Language ArtsNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-14Learning Ledger, Part 6: PracticumNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-15Learning Ledger, Part 7: Evolved EducationNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-16Learning Ledger, Part 8: EscalationNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-17Learning Ledger, Part 9: Junior High Window JumpingNon Fiction
Paul Agostino (with Pete Bambola)2016-02-18Learning Ledger, Part 10: GreetingsNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-02-19Learning Ledger, Conclusion: The Things You RememberNon Fiction
Adam O'Connor2016-02-27South by Southwest, Part 2: Family-Friendly EnvironmentShort Stories
Paul Agostino (Featuring The White Tornado)2016-02-29Birthday SausageHome Games
Adam O'Connor2016-03-02South by Southwest, Part 3: MoabShort Stories
Paul Agostino2016-03-03Fingerpaint FilesHome Games
Drew Biscardi2016-03-05It Sounds Like ThisPoems
Paul Agostino2016-03-05The Excuse MachineShort Stories
Paul Agostino2016-03-07Learning Ledger, Afterword: Prophetic ArtNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-03-09Learning Ledger, Postlude: My Last ClassNon Fiction
Adam O'Connor2016-03-10South by Southwest, Conclusion: Out of GasShort Stories
Paul Agostino2016-03-15Customer HonestyEssay
Paul Agostino2016-03-17Scrapple (Bethlehem, PA)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-03-18Mind the LeprechaunsPoems
Paul Agostino2016-03-20Comedy Directors (Tuscaloosa, AL)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-03-21Gulf Gifts (Bayou Country)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-03-22Dupes and DisguisesEssay
Paul Agostino2016-03-24Salt of the EarthPoems
Paul Agostino2016-03-24Dark Thursday (Mobile, AL)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-03-27A Town in the Toe of ItalyNon Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-03-28Solo Harmonies (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino (from newswire services)2016-03-30Self-DeterminationEssay
Paul Agostino2016-04-01Fair Warning (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-03Nodding Acquaintance (Bayou Country)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-04Universal Logjam (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-05Agreeable (A Lullaby)Poems
Paul Agostino and Dave Long2016-04-06Constructive Use of InstinctEssay
Paul Agostino2016-04-07Haggard Hope (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-08Between the Highway and the River (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-10Underhanded HardballEssay
Paul Agostino2016-04-11Solo HarmoniesPoems
Paul Agostino2016-04-12Exotic Bird (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-13Black, White, and Rainbow (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-13Bug Bites (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-14Black, White, and RainbowEssay
Paul Agostino2016-04-16Free Product Placement (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-17Onward and UpwardPoems
Paul Agostino2016-04-19Cultural Exchange (Hondarribia, Spain)Away Games
Headlock Press2016-04-20BREAKING NEWSEssay
Paul Agostino2016-04-21Circumstantial String (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-22Return of the Dove (Redux)Spiritual
Paul Agostino2016-04-24Sharing the Wealth (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino (Editor)2016-04-25Case ClosedEssay
richard peters2016-04-25writersPoems
Paul Agostino2016-04-26The Separation of Life and PoliticsEssay
Paul Agostino2016-04-27Boycott (Undisclosed Location)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-04-29Friends and Others (A Verse-Essay)Essay
Paul Agostino2016-04-30Practical RewardsEssay
Paul Agostino2016-05-01New Ballgame (Natchez, MS)Away Games
P. Agostino, S. Hughes, L. Chofnas, T. Veeck2016-05-03Wrasslin' and Roller DerbyEssay
Paul Agostino2016-05-05Park Anonymous (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-05-07Nothing SandwichSpiritual
Paul Agostino2016-05-08The Downward Spiral Just Picked Up VelocityPoems
Paul Agostino2016-05-09BurnSpiritual
Paul Agostino2016-05-10The Camino, Part 1: FeetSpiritual
Paul Agostino2016-05-11Better Than RosebudsPoems
Paul Agostino2016-05-13Black Cat, Black Cat (A Friday the 13th Special)Poems
Paul Agostino2016-05-15My Lunch With the Rotary Club (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-05-23Public MonologueEssay
Paul Agostino2016-06-04Bolt and ThunderEssay
Paul Agostino2016-06-05Contenders and Non-ContendersPoems
Paul Agostino2016-06-05Fightin' an' Writin'Non Fiction
Paul Agostino2016-06-06Get the Job DonePoems
Bob Bradley2016-06-08Civilizing EffectsPoems
A. Student2016-06-09Premature ExclamationComedy
Paul Agostino2016-06-09Communion SongsPoems
Riann Roca2016-06-10HandsPoems
Paul Agostino2016-06-12Followed (Lexington, KY)Away Games
Paul Agostino2016-06-13Lone Pony (Ireland)Away Games
Adam O'Connor2016-06-15Gate KeeperShort Stories
Paul Agostino2016-06-17Nametag Night (Natchez, MS)Away Games
Paul Agostino (Featuring Salvatore Rocco Agostino)2016-06-19The Rigmaster's MasterpieceHome Games
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The Glitch
By: Natalia Dutra Rodefeld (and Staff)
Date: 2014-11-30
Genre: Poems

The Glitch

Sister Mary Immaculata is conveyed along
by invisible pulleys,
a black billow flowing up and down
between the rows of hunched shoulders
and bowed heads.

A ruler taps her palm,
striking with the click of the clock
as scratching fountain pens
in small hands stained blue,
labor to form the perfect cursive K.

The pens simultaneously
and heads peek
as the ruler
and Sister rocks to a halt,
an incoming


Successfully stifled,
the mechanism revives
as the pens go back to scratching
while the ruler keeps time tapping
and the pulleys are set in motion
for Sister to resume
her glide.

--Natalia Dutra Rodefeld

At the Editor’s Meeting, Discussing the Poem

Sal Chizzano: Here we go. Another shot at the Catholic Church. The dictatorial nun with her weapon, ready to smack it down on some poor innocent. Where have I seen this one before? I guess it’s OK to take prejudiced shots at some groups, but not others.

As a Roman Catholic, I’m offended by this. The nun can easily be seen as a metaphor for the Church oppressing the innocent people of the world. Or maybe this is just this one classroom. But it’s the same classroom and same theme I’ve seen a million times before. More of the same.

Wasn’t this the author who just wrote she was sick of seeing women being portrayed stereotypically on this Press? Well, she must know something about it, because that’s exactly what she’s doing here.

What’s the next poem going to be, one about the child-molesting priest? Then one about some corrupt Pope in the Middle Ages? Will there be any poems by her about all the schools and hospitals and many good works the Catholic Church has done in the world throughout history? Of course not. How would that further her cause?

Paul Agostino: Hey Sal, come on. Don’t be so narrow-minded. Maybe this is her experience. How can you say she can’t write about it?

Chizzano: I don’t know, she’s the boss: Why don’t you ask her? She’s the one who says only people who have experiences that show women in the right light are allowed to write about them.

<{;o)   Hey, Sal: Why don’t you just write about the poem and leave personalities out of it?

<[:@(   Yeah, what’s with the agenda? This Press isn’t one of those bullshit news channels where each side just tries to shout their opinion over the other and never listens.

Chizzano: Could have fooled me. Been reading lately?

Paul Agostino: The way I read it, this could be about any person or group who demands that everything be done “just so”—which means done their way. The ruler is the weapon they use to make sure things are done their way, whether it be violence, physical intimidation, political correctness, misinformation, temper tantrums, guilt, etc. The uniform the teacher/bully wears could be any uniform-type of thinking that doesn’t allow for freedom of thought and expression.

Chizzano: You’re reaching now, Chief. Look, I went to Catholic school from first grade until I graduated high school. I got a great education. I know Catholic school. I was there. This dictator-nun is something from bad comedy routines. It’s not reality. The author just has some problem with the Catholic Church and she’s using the first club she grabbed to bash it with. Very crude, if you ask me.

<{;o)   Hold it, Sal. You’re trying to boss people around with your own experience right now. You went to Catholic school, so now we have to shut-up and listen to you because you know everything about the Catholic Church?

<[:@(   Yeah. Who elected you Pope?

<{;o)   And who are you to tell us what the author’s intent was when she wrote the poem?

<[:@(   And why would it matter, anyway? Just read the poem and interpret it. You’re not writing a biography, you’re critiquing a poem.

Chizzano: Do you know how many fights I had because of my Catholic school uniform? None of you did. That’s why what I have to say here matters most.

Paul Agostino: Sal, that doesn’t make any sense. You had some bad times because you went to Catholic school, so now your opinion matters most about all things Roman Catholic? It looks like you’re the one who wants to be holding the ruler.

Chizzano: I’m just sick of one damning piece of writing after the other against the Catholic church. The Church always seems to be spoken of as if it were a soul-crusher which inevitably drives people away. Can you deny that this is true? I would love to see a piece where a writer doesn't use all the stereotypes about the Church that I've been hearing all my life. Guess it's just been a pile-on of that sort of thing for me, that's all.

(Chizzano gets up and leaves the room.)

Paul Agostino: Geez, what got into him?

<{;o)   Probably some Catholic-guilt thing.

<[:@(   We should ask Nattie: Looks like she grew up Catholic. Maybe she can tell us what’s bugging Sal.

Date: 2014-11-30
By: richard peters
Comment: i dont get it. how is the nun floating around the room?? is it some kind of trick??
Date: 2014-11-30
By: natalia
Comment: Paul,
Ooooh! Thank you for finally publishing this poem, although what follows it is pretty incomprehensible to me. Looks like you might need to hire some new staff soon, as they don't seem to be able to comprehend the simplest little things. Let me explain it for them, in Understand a Poem 101 language: The Sister does not strike with the ruler, rather it taps her hand, all while the dutiful students work in the tacitly understood rhythm of the learning process. Then a little glitch hits the mechanism, but once it is resolved, all goes back to the routine as before. Rather clever on my part, I must say. Any other interpretation must be due to the staff trying to make some kind of point, but it's beyond me. Seems like they could be making better use of their time.
Date: 2014-11-30
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Natalia:

Someone once told me that John Lennon wrote the song "Julia" about his mother. I told her I'd heard that, but I didn't see it in the song, and that I had a different interpretation. She told me that John Lennon had SAID he wrote the song about his mother. I told her that Lennon was welcome to his interpretation, but it didn't change mine. The way I see it, once an author writes something, it belongs to the readers (or listeners). If a critic can defend his or her view from what is written in a text, it is a legitimate interpretation. That does not mean that other interpretations are wrong (if they can be defended). As I keep saying, poetry (and writing) is not necessarily this OR that; it can be this AND that. Which means the writing is multi-dimensional. And that's a good thing.

You're thinking more along the lines of allegory in your interpretation, where each thing represents only one other thing. To me, the “one meaning only” interpretation is restrictive, because it insists the writing is only one-dimensional.

Writers write with both their conscious and unconscious minds. They don't always know what their unconscious minds are trying to say, anymore than they know where some of the images in their writing came to them from. You have this poem all figured out in your own mind, but you don't necessarily know how some of the images came to you or from where or why.

How many times have you heard tales of nuns cracking down on their students' knuckles or palms with a ruler? I've heard about it a lot, as has Sal. So have lots of other people. It's a common Catholic school story. You must have heard the Catholic school discipline stories. If you have, the image may have come from somewhere in your subconscious, especially if you have some views of the Catholic Church being restrictive (in some ways) or disagree with their views on its view of women. You have made your views clear on women being oppressed throughout history and even today, and that women’s rights is a concern of yours. It would make sense, then, that you disagree with the Church not allowing women in the priesthood or allowing them to become cardinals and have an equal opportunity to make decisions regarding Church doctrine and policy. You can’t think its fair, and so it would make sense that you view it as unjust. So why is it such a stretch to think the nun could represent the Church, and the ruler the Church's “rules”? (Ruler does have two dictionary meanings, as you know.)

So you’re welcome to your interpretation of your poem, and I’m sure it has validity. But it’s not the only interpretation. Best not to be dictatorial about how a poem MUST be interpreted—the poems themselves resist being bossed around like that.

I have written many poems where people have given an interpretation that I hadn’t seen, and I think it is not only valid, but a revelation to me. Your own poems can teach you if you let them, and they resist being told what to do and say.

I find it interesting that you reject all interpretations of your poem other than your own. Just the other day, I tried to tell you in many different ways that my piece “Miles Standish, Revisited,” was not intended as an insult toward women and shouldn’t be taken as such. Others said the same thing and showed why through specific evidence from the text. You did not offer any specific evidence for your view, but insisted that you were right, anyway. You also did not even consider interpretations other than your own or even try to refute the other interpretations. To me, that’s was lazy critical work on your part. Sorry, but that’s what the evidence suggests.

Sal at least gives some evidence for his negative reaction to your poem. But he was being too narrow-minded and he came in with his own agenda, so he could not give an objective view of the poem, and would not listen to anyone else’s interpretations of the poem, or to our objections to the way he was reading the poem.

That’s exactly what you did when giving your opinions on “Miles Standish, Revisited.”

Sal does make a good point that there seems to be certain groups that people can be stereotyped and generalized about without much resistance (The Catholic Church and white American males, for instance), while if you treated other groups like that (certain minorities and, in some cases, women) there would be a great outcry. Ask yourself: Are you as sensitive to all prejudice as you are to the prejudice you sense against women? Have you heard the Catholic Church judged unfairly and let it go? How about white American males?

And do these words from Sal sound familiar to you? They should, and they should have particular significance for you:

“The Church always seems to be spoken of as if it were a soul-crusher which inevitably drives people away. Can you deny that this is true? I would love to see a piece where a writer doesn't use all the stereotypes about the Church that I've been hearing all my life. Guess it's just been a pile-on of that sort of thing for me, that's all.”

Date: 2014-11-30
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: P.S.: There's much more to say about your poem from a critical point of view, and I hope to do it soon. I like the poem and would like to analyze it more fully. But when I do, I'll tell you the things I like about it and why it works. You seem to have dropped that from your recent criticism, but I think it's an important element to include. Otherwise you start sounding like one of those one-sided, strident commentators on the Fox "News" Channel, or that liberal "news" channel, which is just as bad but has half the ratings.
Date: 2014-12-01
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: P.P.S.: Thank you for voicing your concern about how I might better use my time. You're probably right. But when someone makes a series of charges that I am writing and publishing anti-women literature on a regular basis, I take it seriously. And I treat it seriously. It's like being accused of being a racist. So that's why I've spent more time than I might have on the topic.

Since we are talking about the power of words, you should consider the power of your own words when you decide to make accusations. Especially against someone you know well. He might think, as a friend, you would know him better, and not say untrue things about him. At least he knows they are untrue. If you think the charges have validity, then you've been hanging around the wrong kind of people.

So that's what all this effort's been about. It's the way it should be done among friends. Get to the bottom of things and try to come to an understanding. But both sides have to make a true effort in order for that to happen.
Date: 2014-12-01
By: natalia
Comment: Sheesh, Paul, now I think this has all gone too far. I was kidding about how you should spend your time. As for my making accusations about the site, all I said was that I would like to see women represented in a different way in the stories and comments. That's what I would like for the world in general -- I did not demand that it be so. A series of charges that you are writing and publishing anti-women literature on a regular basis? Accusing you of being racist? I'm not doing any of that, but I sincerely apologize if that is the impression I gave you.

I like this poem too, and I went to Catholic school, so I have plenty of ideas about that world. I would like to talk about it, but then again, I got distracted by the conversation from your staff, which seemed to be more about the author than the poem itself. I also see that now I am dictatorial and that my literary criticism of late is not quite up to par. Probably right, but I'm trying. Yes, I would like to talk about the poem, hope we can do that soon.
Date: 2014-12-01
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Not the "all I said" routine, Natalia! How many times did you hear that from your kids when they were growing up?

Your "how you spend your time" comment was a snide little joke so I gave you one back by thanking you for being concerned about my time usage.

The office meeting was a parody. Sal was you. He used all the arguments you did over the past week, but substituted the Catholic Church for women. He even used your exact words in his last paragraph. Rather clever, I must say--even if you won't.

I didn't say you called me a racist. I said suggesting someone is writing and publishing anti-women literature on a regular basis is LIKE calling someone a racist. And it is.

And I'm sorry, but I can't let you off the hook about your comments under my Thanksgiving piece, "Miles Standish, Approximately," which set this whole debate series off. Go back and read the comments and you'll see why they bugged me. I thought it was a funny bit (and a true story) that I rewrote and published, mostly for my brother who just moved back to Seattle from Arizona. I didn't think Susan B. Anthony had any business elbowing her way into the bar and scolding us for "objectifying" women and other "chauvinist" behavior. (Love those catchwords.) She was a buzz kill. And on Thanksgiving day, too. What's next, the Woman's Temperance Society with their axes?

And don't give me that "I'm trying" stuff. When you half-ass it (like you did in the Thanksgiving piece), that is the definition of NOT trying. As I told you, we don't give out any runner-up/honorable mention consolation prizes for "good triers" here at Headlock Press. That's loser talk. If you like, I can have The Landlord explain it to you, but, trust me, you don't want that. His nickname for me is "Cream Puff," to give you an idea of what kind of guy he is.

Now give me five laps and then let's get back to work: We've got a big game coming up.
Date: 2014-12-01
By: natalia
Comment: Paul: I don't need to be let off the hook, nor do I need to explain over and over to you what my intentions were. But when someone gives you a sincere apology -- and that is what it was and is -- that deserves some acknowledgement. Friendship is a two-way street.
Date: 2014-12-01
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Natalia: Did you notice the tone of my response? It was humorous. Funny. Jokey. That's a way of smoothing things over. In some cases, anyway. I didn't see any apology in your response, or anywhere else, from you. I saw explanations followed by, "I'm sorry if you misunderstood." But I know how to read, and I didn't misunderstand. I don't need or expect an apology. I did address all your points, though. It's a funny habit I have: Actually addressing the points someone makes rather than making new ones of my own that I like better. I like to think it's a sign of respect for the person I am speaking to in a debate or discussion. The coach bit at the end was funny, I thought. Some pretty good jokes throughout. I don't know about you, but I think keeping a sense of humor is important. Don't want to lose it. Keeps you from taking yourself and everything else too seriously. Know what I mean? But writing sometimes can't convey nuance and inflection. So maybe that's why you missed the lighthearted tone of my reply. Then again, my humor is not for everyone. Well, whaddya gonna do? It's one of the things you've got to expect when you're in show biz, I guess.
Date: 2014-12-01
By: richard peters
Comment: my mom read all this and laughed and laughed and then she said that guy paul is some sweet talker isnt he?? hes got a real way with the ladies. then she laughed and laughed some more and then she said why don't they just get it over with and get married already?? then i told her she better not let natalia hear her say that because natalia yelled at everybody at headlock press that she wants more nice stories about marriage and they better start writing them or else. and then my mom made a sound i never heard her make before that was real loud kind of like a indian war whoop and then she clapped her hands and started laughing so hard she was crying and she couldnt stop and so she went into her bedroom and i can still hear her laughing in there now so i think my mom may be crazy and i dont know if i should call the ambulance
Date: 2014-12-01
By: Two Clowns
Comment: <{;o) Nattie's right, Chief--remember what your mom told you: "When someone offers you a sincere apology..."

<[:@(   Apology, explanation--Why split hairs?

<{;o)   "Friendship is a two-way street": Wouldn't that mean the cars the friends were driving would pass each other going in opposite directions?

<[:@(   If they're lucky.
Date: 2014-12-01
By: M. Gandhi
Comment: Would this be a bad time to say I laughed at the Susan B. Anthony joke?
Date: 2014-12-01
By: Jim Plath
Comment: Natalia might be in the running for my coveted Joe Frazier Award.

I think she earned it here.

Date: 2014-12-01
By: Bradley
Comment: Paul is planet, Nat, and you have been caught in his gravitational field. What you must do is resist. It's true that he has you surrounded. His planet is populated with mostly dead people who have the uncanny knack of agreeing with his eminence. Nonetheless, you must resist.

Here's a tip: never agree with him and never answer his questions directly, unless you have some kind of diabolical plan hatched out of the mindspace of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

(These are mere tips. I'd like to share My Plan with you but it's Top Secret. Sorry.)

Plus, he's quite a typer, if you haven't noticed. Yes, he's quite the typer.
Date: 2014-12-01
By: Two Clowns
Comment: <{;o) Nattie, I’m sorry, but as journalists, we have to do our job and state the facts.

<[:@(   You said this in one of the response boxes above: “[I made] a series of charges that you are writing and publishing anti-women literature on a regular basis? I'm not doing any of that, but I sincerely apologize if that is the impression I gave you."

<{;o)   But you did make the charges, Nattie. And here’s the proof. Here are two of your quotes from the holiday tale, “Miles Standish, Approximately”:

<[:@( “The only parable that I see in the story (“Miles Standish, Approximately”) is the usual one about men being disgusting and objectifying women.”

<{;o) “I guess it's the overabundance of references on this site to the woman as a physical body only, or the constant references to the nagging wife/girlfriend/mother. I rarely see any mention of anybody here (in the comments, or more importantly, in a written piece) being in a positive relationship with a woman. We are much more often spoken of as if we were soul crushers who inevitably drive men to drink.”

<[:@(   You said you didn’t make the statements and the Chief was under a false impression.

<{;o)   But he wasn’t under a false impression. You did make the charges.

<[:@( Apologizing to someone for a false impression is not the same thing as apologizing for the action.

<{;o)   You take it from here.

<[:@(   But we were certain you would want the facts, whatever you decide to do.

<{;o)   Oh, and Bradley? Why don't you now grace us with your favorite song, "The Facts Aren't True."

<[:@(   Then go back to your normal life of not giving a shit.

Date: 2014-12-01
By: TheBaldKid
Comment: Man. And people say I'm the dick.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: M. Gandhi
Dear Readers:

Perhaps I should explain the Editor-in-Chief’s position in this matter in case there is any misunderstanding among you, the readership of Headlock Press.

The Editor wrote and published a Thanksgiving piece entitled “Miles Standish, Approximately.” Natalia had objections to it, and voiced those objections, some of which you can see in the quotes the Clowns have provided us with, above. The Editor then explained to Natalia why he felt her charges were incorrect. Then the Editor called a number of the staff in to try to explain to Natalia why the piece should not be taken as an insult to women, but be seen as a positive and uplifting tale for all. Natalia did not address any of the points we made about the piece or about her charges. She continued, though, to assert her own, original view of the piece, and then made other charges about Headlock Press, which you can read above. The Editor and staff of Headlock Press spent a good deal of time and effort trying to reason with Natalia about why her view of the piece was mistaken.

Now Natalia is claiming she did not say the things in question, and she is sorry if the Editor is under a false impression that she did. If Natalia never made the statements, and the Editor is under a false impression that she did, then all the time and effort spent by the Editor and the staff trying to reason with Natalia was pointless and a waste of their time and everybody else’s.

Natalia now seems angry that the Editor has not accepted her apology and thinks he is being discourteous in his actions. But, as the Editor sees it, and as the evidence indicates, it was not a true apology that Natalia offered. The Editor has said that he doesn’t need or expect an apology, but he does want Natalia and the readership to know he was neither delusional nor operating under a false assumption when he made all his efforts in this matter. And so, he has requested that the facts be "put out on the table” so the truth may be known.

M. Gandhi
Chief Legal Counsel,
Headlock Press

Date: 2014-12-02
By: Michael
Comment: You have become Fox News. And for that I am grateful. Because it opens a whole new line of questioning. And I'm glad you didn't take it personally by naming names. What this loyal reader and writer is trying to tell you is that she's the only woman's voice on this website. She's trying to tell you that you drove the other women away because your stance has become archaic. You leave no room for movement. I think she has a good point. Maybe all your gay and black readers will ask the Clowns some questions.

As for the poem, I agree with the author's assessment:

"The Sister does not strike with the ruler, rather it taps her hand, all while the dutiful students work in the tacitly understood rhythm of the learning process. Then a little glitch hits the mechanism, but once it is resolved, all goes back to the routine as before. Rather clever on my part."

That's what I saw, too. It was subtle; the key breaking of rhythm and the return to duty. You know evil is lurking, as you carefully mock, but there is no evil here in the movie sense. The evil is in the repetition of an uncomfortable structure. I can't say it was a great poem. It was OK. The sentiment, though, should be nurtured. A great idea that you passed on because of dogmatic views.

And BTW, calling your now arch-nemesis 'Nattie' might not be demeaning to her, because she knows you, but it's demeaning to other potential readers. You stand corrected.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Good points Michael, and so unusual (for you) in that they see me as totally and completely wrong. I think. Anyway, you're right. This public-response-to-public-statements-thing seems to have people on edge because it's not nice. And it may even be driving readers away, in spite of what the numbers say. So I think the best thing to do is institute a benign censorship policy to the site. All inflammatory comments and opinions, as well as any word deemed offensive to our censorship committee, will be immediately removed from the site, so as not to cause any unhappiness. Freedom of speech and open debate are overrated. What we need is more niceness.

Oh, and Michael? You're the one bashing women all the time in your writing. Everybody says it. Not to your face of course, but take it from me. I know. I'm the one who gets the complaints about you.

Michael: Are you now, or have you ever been a misogynist? Answer the question.

Senator J. McCarthy
Date: 2014-12-02
By: richard peters
Comment: does that mean i cant put my poems up on the message bored anymore??

ps: hey bald kid i didnt know people called you dick. thats another thing we have in common
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Two Clowns
Comment: <{;o) I don't see what the big deal is. Make a public statement, get a public response. What's wrong with that?

<[:@( Yeah: [EXPLETIVE DELETED] for tat.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Michael
Comment: I thought she made an important point. I really did.

"Then a little glitch hits the mechanism, but once it is resolved, all goes back to the routine as before."

Writing is the glitch. Remember that. It's easy to cliché yourself into a thoughtful cove of love. You love yourself, naturally. Not as easy to say another person might be right.

Let's look at this clinically, in your mathematical-like fashionista: I'm right and you have no argument, no matter how many words you use. Because, let's be frank: I'm God and I let you live here.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Thanks, Michael. It takes a big man to say something like that. You are saying I might be right--right?
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Michael
Comment: I'm saying ease up on the drones who add honey.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Seems reading this little debate has had been good for you, Michael. You've become more sensitive; you're more in touch with your feminine side. There's so much to learn, so much to discover: It must be an exciting time for you.

Best Wishes,
Mitch and Murray,
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Michael
Comment: Sure, I'm a misogynist. No debate. I'm no different than you, though. That's what I'm saying. I'm no different than you. Except for the taller and great hair thing.

OK, that was mean. Let's not get personal. Let's just say that everyone's opinion should be explored, even women.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: That's a very interesting series of thoughts, Michael. I'll have to take them into consideration. By the way, did you see the Clowns' joke, above, about "expletive deleted," Michael? I thought it was excellent.

Again, the phrase to look for in the joke is: [EXPLETIVE DELETED], Michael, [EXPLETIVE DELETED].
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Michael
Comment: It is true, though: There are no gays or blacks or Jihadists or even many women contributing to this site. It's mostly old white men who know what they know. I'm as guilty as anyone. It's all funny in context, and worthwhile, but the fact is, there are no blacks and few gays or women who contribute. There's a reason for that.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: You're treading dangerously close to satire there, Michael. And satire isn't nice because it makes fun of people. And what the world needs more of is niceness, Michael, not fun. Niceness, Michael, niceness.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: Michael
Comment: Good comeback. Everyone should feel free to say what they want. Most everyone is reticent to play. Paul and I don't know why. Maybe because we're family, but maybe because you're an asshole. Just say it.

"between the rows of hunched shoulders and bowed heads."

Date: 2014-12-02
By: Bradley
Comment: Isn't this all just a case of over-typing. I say, Type less. Enjoy the rainy day, assholes. Or as the poet might say:

Date: 2014-12-02
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Yes, I wrote in a Bradley-esque fashion today. But I took the form, expanded it, and then bettered it. That's what Bradley is upset about, and that's why he wrote his not-nice comment. Envy is such an ugly thing.
Date: 2014-12-02
By: natalia
Comment: Paul: Like I told you this morning, I'm really sorry for saying you are anti-woman. It was unfair of me, since I know full well that you are not. And thank you -- and to Michael and Bradley also -- for all the playful banter in the last few posts. If it was meant to make me feel better, you succeeded. Now you can give it a break, since I'm sure someone is going to vomit if you keep it up for much longer.

Date: 2014-12-03
By: Two Clowns
Comment: <{;o)   We kid because we love, Nattie.

<[:@(   That's what our hero, Don Rickles, always to says.

<{;o)   It's the only way we know how to do it around here.

<[:@(   And it means you're part of the club.

<{;o)   "Inclusion" is the official word for it.

<[:@(   It's a kind of informal initiation.

<{;o)   All of the staff has gotten the same treatment at some point, one way or another.

<[:@(   We kid because we love.

<{;o)   So happy Valentine's Day, Nattie.

<[:@(   From your friends at Headlock Press.
Date: 2014-12-03
By: richard peters
Comment: i dont think thats a club i want to be in but can i still print my poems on the message bored anyway??
Date: 2014-12-03
By: Chizzano
Comment: Nattie:

I know you’re upset with me for some of the comments I’ve made recently, but I was just reading my lines, like in the little skit below your poem here. You can’t get mad at an actor for playing the role of a character you don’t like. And, anyway, this whole little circus-show debate was really about concepts, and not about you, personally. You just came up with the lines that fueled the debate. So you were like a co-writer/performer in the show. We are in show business here, after all. That’s what makes this “literary” website different from others. We see ourselves as entertainers.

You have to understand something about the guys who run this Press. See, the three brothers, Mikey, The Landlord, and the Chief, along with Bradley, used to play a lot of basketball together. Some of the other guys on the Press, too. Now, basketball is supposed to be a game of finesse, with fouls called for illegal contact. But the way they played it, it was like rugby. On asphalt. There were two guys who played with them, the Ro brothers, who could have, technically, been charged with assault after each game.

And here’s the thing. They all found it fun. It was the only way they knew how to play the game, and the only way they wanted to play it.

So you’re not dealing with normal people here, Nattie. But then, people don’t come to Headlock Press looking for normalcy or more of the same old thing. They get enough of that in their regular lives. Most people who read the Press don’t want to play in this type of game—and who can blame them? They like to watch, though. But if you’re going to play, you have to play the game the way the guys do. They’re not going to change the rules to accommodate you or anybody else. They don’t know how—and don’t want to learn, either.

So if you’re going to play, Nattie, you have to learn how to play along.

And when they’re choosing sides, pray you get picked to be on the Ro brothers’ team.

Date: 2014-12-03
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Oh, and Michael? About your point that not enough cultural subgroups are represented on this Press: Does androgyny count? Because Bradley's got his own column. So at least we've got that one covered.
Date: 2014-12-03
By: Two Clowns
Comment: <{;o)   Come on--that last crack was out of line.

<[:@(   I can see how someone could take being compared to Bradley as an insult, but I don't think the Chief meant any harm by it.
Date: 2014-12-03
By: Bradley
Comment: Oh, you old stinker, you.
Date: 2014-12-03
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: I thought of this one on the way home, and I can't help myself: I just have to ask it. If people with "self-esteem" issues and every other kind of "issue" are worthy of sympathy, why am I not worthy of the same treatment? Obviously (to some) I have some anger and sensitivity "issues." But I get no sympathy for these "disorders." No. Me, I'm just a plain ol' regular asshole. No excuses made for me, and no sympathy offered. Doesn't seem fair, somehow.

I've got a feeling this is one of those questions that don't have an answer.

See what happens when you tell us to shut-up? We do just the opposite. Means we've got "rebellion issues." But, somehow, I don't think that's gonna get me any sympathy, either.
Date: 2014-12-03
By: TheBaldKid
Comment: So much sunshine and back-pedaling.
Date: 2014-12-03
By: natalia
Comment: Wow, Paul, I never thought about your issues thing in that way.

Oh, well.
Date: 2014-12-03
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Natalia: Well, after you finish bandaging up the people with "spending disorders" who got injured during mall and outlet stampedes on "Black Friday" for the Bleeding Heart Red Cross, maybe you'll have time to think about the sympathy I so need and deserve.

Date: 2014-12-03
By: Bradley
Comment: If there's anything we can do...I'm crying into a wash cloth right now.
You know who else had rebellion issues: Patrick Henry. There was a cure, but I hesitate to bring it up.
Instead, try tying your shoelaces a little tighter. Maybe that will help. If it doesn't, well, at least your shoes are on tight.
Date: 2014-12-04
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: Well, at least you sent Bradley in here, Bradley, and not that idiotic Sir Galahad figure on his steed, riding to the rescue of another damsel in distress. I almost thought we had lost you there for awhile.

A Patrick Henry joke, folks. You won't hear that just anywhere. So keep tuning in to Headlock Press. Now, a word from our sponsor.
Date: 2014-12-04
By: natalia
Comment: He looked out at the people seated before him in the large church basement. Some fidgeted on the folding chairs, a few impatiently tapped their feet. One man at the rear tore a newspaper into ever smaller pieces. His audience consisted of men and women of various ages and appearance, but they all had one thing in common: the glare with which they returned his stare.

Beads of sweat glistened on his forehead.

"Why do they have to keep this place so goddamn hot," he thought.

He cleared his throat and gripped the lectern before him.

“My name is Joe,” he said. “And I’m an asshole.”

The room nodded in agreement.

Date: 2014-12-04
By: Paul Agostino
Comment: That's such a sad story. Poor guy. If only he had someone to show him some kindness...some care...some compassion...make some excuses for wouldn't have had to come to this....
Date: 2014-12-04
By: natalia
Comment: Paul, that's so true. So, so true.

Oh, well.